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Upgrading data plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


On my Fido app it offers a feature where I can compare my plan to a better one. Right now my plan is $45 for 4 GB of data, and the one Fido is offering me to upgrade to is $50 for 20 GB. Obviously this sounds great but looking into my bill it shows I have 2 promotional offers. I am unsure if those would carry over if I were to upgrade plans. I have a Additional Line Promo for $-5.00 and a Payment Program Promotion for $-14.17. So in the end I get around $20.00 off my bill every month so I don't pay $45 a month instead I pay $25 for my plan. If I were to switch plans would I still get the $20.00 of my bill through those promotions? 



Hello @alleycat2000 , wow that's a pretty good plan you have right now. I would call Fido at *611 and talk to them about whether or not your promotions would follow you if you change. Sometimes when you make a change to your plan, everything changes. So to be sure, I would call first. Hope it works for you, cheers