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FIDO ROAM - U.S. Charges : $10.00 at Niagara falls, Ontario

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Two weeks back from now in August 2021, I have been in Niagara falls, Ontario for a whole day where I remember turning off my data roaming in my phone. Still Fido has charged me 10$ as roaming charges!!


When the data roaming is turned off and not even close to the borders, for what am I charged for roaming? I have been charged the same way before too but I have been ignorant as I might have used data in roaming. But this time how would this happen even when I am in Canada and turn off roaming?? 


Any help to dispute this charges would be helpful.



Good morning @Nvn , that's happened to me a few times when near the American border while in White Rock. I had it resolved by calling into Fido at *611 and explaining that I never crossed the border. It would be easy to do right now as we can't cross into the US. 

What I've done is changed my roaming settings to ask first before roaming.

It doesn't seem to have that in my settings anymore,  so I would just turn data roaming off. Sometimes I would get asked which network I wanted to join and I would always pick Fido as my carrier. 

So to be safe, perhaps just turn off your data roaming to save you the charges from occurring. Hope that helps in some way. Cheers