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Unfair calculation for July Outage Credit

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I just found out the way Fido calculate the July Outage Credit is based on what you paid in your July bill (including ANY one time credit).


Long story short, I suppose to receive my Refer-a-Friend credit in Feb 2022 ( website indicated approved on Jan 11, 2022).  After a few months of not showing up, I reached to the Refer-a-Friend program and asking for my credit.  After a few back and forth (with me providing supporting evidence. not they proactively check into what went wrong), they finally credit me on the July 2022 bill.


Fast forward to the July outage, since Fido is claiming the calculation is based on July bill including this one time creidt which I had earned months ago, I lost our my outage credit (because Refer-a-freind credit = 1 month credit). 

So if Fido didn't screw up my Refer-a-credit in Feb, Mar, Apr, May or Jun Bills, I would have received my Outage Credit in Aug. 
As I want to point out, through out the process, me (the customer) did nothing wrong to make myself not receiving the credit (in which I am entitled the same way like all the millions of affected Fido user).

Fido policy maker, please put CUSTOMER first.  If you say you are credit for your outage, please credit your customer.




Hi @mec9t8!


Based on the service plan you had on July 8th, you should have received a credit equivalent to five days worth of your service fees. The credit is also based on the total re-occurring monthly service eschares, before discounting and taxes, from your previous bill. We are dividing this total charge by 31 and then multiply by 5.


That being said, you should have a credit for the July outage on your first invoice after August 1st. I recommend you contact customer service to have it sorted out by accessing your account and reviewing your August invoice. 



Hey @mec9t8! Live Chat does count as one of our servicing channels. You can also contact us over the phone or on social media as well. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks Vanessa,

I am new here, when you refer contact customer service,  does on "Chat" with an agent counts? 
Because I was told by the online agent (when I selected Billing issue), that I receive nothing becuase I was paying nothing in July bill.

Any direction could help.  Thanks again