Unacceptable Marketing Calls

Unacceptable Marketing Calls

Unacceptable Marketing Calls

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Unacceptable Marketing Calls

Hi there,

When I got my Ottawa number within few short days I ended up on some marketing list. 

I contacted Fido support and they suggested that I add my number to a 'do not call' list in Canada and USA.

I did that in Ocotber. 


The last 3 days I get numerous calls from Kingston, Hamilton and Toronot all leaving me a same automated voice mail about student loan. I never had a student loan in my life. 


I have to deleat these messages and they block up my mailbox. 

it is irritating me to no end. 

I blocked more than 20 of these phone numbers and they keep coming up with new ones. 


I would appreciate getting help with that so it does not happen anymore. 


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Hello again,


  With regards to the unwanted calls, unfortunately there isn't much that can be done to prevent them. While phone numbers are usually out of circulation for a period prior to being given to someone else, it's possible the previous owner of your Ottawa number had student loans and it's the only number the collectors (I'm assuming they're collectors) have on file for that person. If this is the case, you might consider contacting them and informing them that you are the new owner of the phone number. They may require you to provide proof such as when you first received the phone number. If you choose to ignore the calls, they may persist thinking the person with the student loan is intentionally avoiding their calls.


  On the other hand, if the calls are telemarketers (or scammers) they likely used computers to generate and dial the numbers so your number probably isn't targeted. They are also likely using spoofed the numbers when calling which makes trying to block them very difficult.


  I understand it's frustrating constantly receiving these types of calls. If you are not attached to your new Ottawa phone number, you might consider trying a new number. However, a new number won't eliminate the computer generated calls.


Hope this helps Smiley



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I like the number I have,

But I sense that it would be good for me to change the number.

Can you PM me about this?



Sending you a PM right now @TaraShakti!

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HI Rachel.

I do not see you PM anywhere.


Hey @TaraShakti


I've sent you a new PM. Let me know if you got it Smiley 

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Hi @TaraShakti!


For your original questions, the numbers can be recycled. This means that it's possible for your number to have been used by someone else in the past. 


We make sure to keep each number cancelled for a certain time to prevent unwanted calls for a new user. Have you checked with the company calling you if the message was for someone else or whether they could remove your number from their calling list? 



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the companies do not say where they are from.

The companies are mostly from the USA.


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In addition, I received this text message from Fido just now.

Is this a real refund?

I had one in October in Ottawa for 75.00 and it never actually arrived. 

I figured it was a hoax.


Can someone from Fido offer support around this?






Hello TaraShakti,


  Thanks for the information! That is most definitely a SPAM scam. You can copy and forward the message to 7726 (SPAM) for evaluation and hopefully added to the SPAM filter (see here).


Hope this helps Smiley Happy



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Did that. hopefuly it will work.