Unable to make voicemail on prepaid plan

Unable to make voicemail on prepaid plan

Unable to make voicemail on prepaid plan

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Unable to make voicemail on prepaid plan

Hi I'm having issues with setting up voicemail. I previously had a monthly plan with Fido and switched to prepaid.



This person seems to be having a similar issue as I am. I'm going to the phone app, holding 1 to activate voicemail and it says "to retrieve voice messages, enter yout 10 digit fido phone followed by the pound key". I enter my phone number and pound but it says "Sorry, that number isn't vaild".


Please help me!

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Hu ZyraBot Smiley 

I think you need to wait some days to correct the issue. Smiley

Phone porting and success voicemail porting sometimes takes days.

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Hello ZyraBot,


  Sorry to hear you're having issues setting up your voicemail on your pre-paid account. Since you've migrated from a post-paid to pre-paid account, you might need to contact customer service to have them reset your voicemail.


  What pre-paid plan do you have? You should note that some of the pre-paid plans only have voicemail on a pay-per-use basis. You should also note that airtime (plus long-distance or roaming charges, if applicable) would be incurred for listening to your messages (see here).


Hope this helps 😀