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Unable to cancel account

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I came as tourist to Canada, for three months. Back in may 2023.

First of, I visited a shop of Fido in a mall of North York. The guys there told me that I can select one of the options and it will automatically will be cancelled after 3 months of use. I believed them and it was complete lie (it's easy to confuse the tourists with your TnCs I suppose). As I left the country in early August, the bill continued to grow. I paid once more and tried to request the cancellation of the account. But it's almost impossible to contact Fido without being in the country.


Even I have left the country, I want to be an honest person. So I received the message from Fido in Jan 2024. It said if I pay 60%, they will cover 40% and we close the contract.

I contacted them through the chat on 25 Jan. The proposal was confirmed. I paid. The person promised to close the deal in 5 business days. I entered the account in February and  nothing changed - still 40% of bill hanging. I contacted through chat again. New person said he had sent the reminder. 5 days later nothing changed.

I contacted the chat for the third time! Another person said that the early February communication was the only communication, and the January one is recorded but no emails internally was sent. So January chat person lied to me again and didn't do a thing.

So with the third chat I was assured that two more days and everything will be closed - nothing to worry. By 12-13 Feb 2024 all will be good.

10 days passed and I entered the account today.

And what I see? Apart from that 40% still hanging there, Fido dropped another charge of 140 CAD that I didn't pay that 40% plus monthly charge.


This is the worst ever service support I have ever seen.

whoever supposed to approve it, is the laziest and most irresponsible person ever.

I am a citizen of another country, I don't plan to come back to Canada. But I wanted to be fair - and this is a responce I receive from Fido.


if post here will help to expedite it, i need to send it.



Hi @Sabina_Alieva,


Sorry to learn about your experience. It would be best to get in touch with our Credit Ops team. We hope it's all sorted out sooner rather than later. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Dear Faiza, the discussion was exactly with this team and I contacted them several times. In the end I have received only promises but no actions at all. 
If you can align the conversation with someone from that team in here, not in the chat, it will help a lot.



Hello Sabina_Alieva,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your situation. However, you should note these forums are community-driven and are not intended as a venue for customer support.


  I understand you are currently outside of Canada. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether the Credit Operations department have a direct line to call from abroad. Though Fido does have a line to customer service available from abroad (see here). While I also understand you do not wish to use the Live Chat, they can also be contacted via Facebook, or Twitter.


Hope this helps 😀