Unable to Receive Fido WiFi Calls

Unable to Receive Fido WiFi Calls

Unable to Receive Fido WiFi Calls

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Unable to Receive Fido WiFi Calls

I joined Fido in January 2018 on a monthly plan(BYOD) and immediately enabled WiFi calling on my unlocked LG G4 as I have poor Fido network coverage in my area. 


WiFi calling worked like a charm. I even tested it on airplane mode. I had no problem with outgoing and incoming WiFi calls.


Now as of few days ago, I have noticed that I can only make outgoing WiFi calls. I am unable to receive and WiFi calls!


Mind you that all other features like using data and making regular GSM calls work fine.


Fido customer service was unable to help me and I am still where I started.


Any idea how to fix this?

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try getting new sim,

then check apn setting,

make sure your are post paid customer

good luck

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After one year and more than 15 times contacting Fido and Rogers technical support, I am still where I was on day one!


When on flight mode or where there is no Fido reception, I am still unable to receive Fido incoming WiFi calls. I can only make Fido outgoing WiFi calls. Nobody could ever figure out how and why this is happening. 


Help, anyone?!!

Hey @AliKay,


I'm really sad to learn that this is still ongoing and that it didn't get sorted out!


I took the time to look into it and one thing that I can think of is that depending on your phone's Settings, WiFi Calling might be disabled when on sleep/lock mode and will only connect again when the phone is unlocked.


Would you be able to look into those Settings? You should find the info under Settings - WiFi ( under Wireless & Networks) - Tap on the Menu button - Advanced - Keep WiFi ON during sleep.


Alternatively, would it also be possible for you to try a different SIM card in your device to see if the same thing happens?


Keep us posted.

Hey @AliKay ,


We haven't heard back. Keep us posted if you were able to get this solved.




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I honestly gave up the idea of using Fido WiFi calling as my efforst to resolve this issue were useless, so was Fido's.


I strongly believe that Fido deliberately blacklists non Fido IMEI's to deprive the owners of basic phone features like WiFi Calling and force customers to purchase Fido phones. It is a dirty business ploy. 


I am now regularly using third party phone apps like whatsapp to call family and friends anywhere in the world, regardless of Fido coverage, as long as I am connected to the internet The voice and video quality is fantastic and text messages are highly encripted. 


I rest my case and I give Fido a big thumbs down for not doing the right thing. Period.

I can understand where you're coming from @AliKay


I assure you, we do not deliberately blacklist an IMEI in order to prevent you from using WiFi calling. 


It is unfortunately not an option we can guarantee on Non-Fido devices, however, it does work in some cases. 


I am glad to read that you are able to use third party phone apps to communicate with your loved ones. 


Whatsapp is a great alternative to stay connected with people everywhere. 

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I have the same problem.  Did you find a fix?

Hey @Chrisisafish,


Welcome to the Community!


Have you tried to reset your network settings on your phone?


Also is it a Fido phone or you bought it elsewhere? 


Hello @AliKay,


Since the problem started did you install any new apps? You can also try doing a network reset in the phone settings and see if it fixes the problem.

Hey @AliKay


Did @KAPABLE-K's suggestion help? 


Keep us posted Smiley 

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I did install a security wifi camera. I am not sure if this was the culprit. I did uninstall it a while ago.


Still nothing. Did the network reset. No dice either!


This is so bizzar. How come I can make WiFi outgoing calls but am unable to receive any inbound WiFi calls? Shouldn't they be using the same port?


Fido transfered my problem to Rogers Tier 2 technical support. I have't heard back from them yet.

@AliKay, try restarting your WiFi modem/router and also restart your phone. If you have a firewall enabled try disabling it and see if the out going calls start working again.

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Already did. Nothing seems to fix this!


WiFi outgoing calls: Working

WiFi incoming calls: Not working


The last thing that I am reluctant to do is to factory reset my phone! 


Fido/Rogers were unable to address/fix this issue.

Thanks for getting back to us, @AliKay!


Could you give us more details on what happened with technical support, what did they say?



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Rogers/Fido technical support finally got back to me via text last night. Here is part of what they wrote:


"...We have been unable to identify an issue at this time. If you're still having an issue, please contact us..."


I assume, the issue I have is phone based. I will factory reset my phone and see if this will resolve the wifi calling issue. 


Will keep you posted. 

Hey @AliKay,


Thanks for getting back to us!


Sounds good, keep us posted if restoring the phone helps.

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A quick update on this issue:


Last night I factory reset my LG G4 in hope that this will resolve this wifi calling issue, but it did not!


Mind you that I initially used my LG G4(Not purchased from Fido) and wifi calling was working fine until this problem started.


So I can now be sure that this is aFido network problem. I contacted Fido support. The rep had no idea what wifi calling is!!!


Anyways, I am back to aquare one. I have no idea what else I can do. Fido and Rogers tier 2 rech support was also unable to resolve my issue!


Amy suggestion?

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Hey @AliKay,


Thanks for the update! 


In the message left by the technical support, they advised to contact them again if the issue persisted. Were you able to reach out to them again to reopen your ticket?

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I lost their text message with case ID as I factory reset my phone. Besides, I really doubt it would make any difference if I called them to follow up. They are very incompetent. They have no idea where to look or how to trouble shoot. They just have a list of of troubleshooting. If your problem is not listed, they can not help you. 


Even free apps like whatsapp and other calling apps are able to fuction flawlwssly once they verify your phone number but Fido network is unable to do so.



Shame, Fido. Shame!

Hello AliKay,


@AliKay wrote:...whatsapp and other calling apps are able to fuction flawlwssly once they verify your phone number but Fido network is unable to do so....

  Sorry to hear you're still having troubles receiving Wifi-calls. However, you should note that Wifi-calling is not the same as other internet-based calling. Wifi-calling is a little more complicated than your typical calling apps. Wifi-calls need to route through the networks whereas apps can connect calls directly via the internet (see graphic here). That is, Wifi-calls (IP) need to be transferred to the cellular network or public switched telephone network (PSTN) (outgoing; IP-->PSTN), or vice versa (incoming; PSTN-->IP), or both (outgoing and incoming; IP-->PSTN-->IP).


  That said, are you having troubles receiving Wifi-calls at all locations? Have you verified your local area network (LAN) is set up properly for Wifi-calling (see here)? I understand you are able to make Wifi-calls. Is it possible your LAN permits outbound but blocks inbound traffic from those ports (see here).


Hope this helps Smiley