Getting over billed monthly

Getting over billed monthly

Getting over billed monthly

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Getting over billed monthly

so, last 3 months, i've noticed that I've been getting charged for long distance calls to another place.


But I have the canada wide calling, and so it should NOT charge me. I've had the cost refunded to me, but it's the 3rd month in a row. I'm getting sick of having to call and spend an hour on hold to get a few $ back.


I'm pretty sure what's happening illegal, and is being done on purpose. Most people probably wouldn't bother calling for 2-3$ extra charge on their bills. I did. I want this to stop.


Hey @masterpaul666!


That's not at all the experience we want for you and you should only be billed for what was used and not part of your price plan.


Is it possible that the calls billed were not calls to Canada? The details can be found in the call list of your invoice. 


What we're going to do is take a closer look at your account to see exactly what is being charged and why. I'm sending you a PM so we can go over things together Smiley


See you there!