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Time to Leave Fido~ 6 years of poor service! Very bad Customer Service!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Since the day I first became a part of the Fido family upon my arrival in Canada, I held onto my loyalty through thick and thin. Despite encountering numerous challenges along the way, I was determined not to go through the hassle of switching to another carrier. However, recent experiences with Fido's Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have left me so disheartened and misinformed that I've made the decision to part ways. It's come to a point where I feel that a change is long overdue.

As a loyal Fido customer, I believe that I deserve a certain level of respect and honesty from the CSRs. Unfortunately, my recent encounters have shattered my trust. I was provided with false information and, when I confronted them about this, they abruptly hung up on me. I pointed out that these conversations were recorded on their end, urging them to verify who was at fault and misleading me, but they had no response.

The most disheartening part of this experience was that I was promised that my needs were understood, and they assured me that the necessary steps were being taken to resolve my concerns. However, it became painfully clear that everything had been a ruse to push their promotional offers on me.

It's disheartening to feel like Fido no longer values its customers or even cares if they choose to leave. The recent incidents have left me deeply dissatisfied with the customer service I once relied upon.

In light of these experiences, I feel compelled to move on to a different provider that respects and values its customers. It's with a heavy heart but a determined spirit that I make this decision, hoping to find a provider that truly understands the importance of customer satisfaction and integrity in their service.



Hey @redwankabir855 Smiley


Thank you so much for all these years of loyalty, we're truly sad to learn that you decided to switch to a different carrier.

However, we agree that customers should be treated with respect, and that customer service specialists should always be honest, transparent and friendly. 


Because your experience has not reflected this, we invite you to contact us through any of the methods listed here and someone can forward your feedback, so the appropriate measures are taken.


We also remain available to discuss your options, should you have a change of heart and wish to come back to the Fido family.