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Thanks Christopher, you are awesome

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi , my name is Samira it's been almond 21 years that I'm with Fido 

I would like to share an awesome experience that I had with one of your representative 


" Christopher " 

my story started like this 

because of my dad cancer and his chemotherapy I had to leave the country, on July 7th I contacted Fido to suspend my number for 5 months , the conversation went well but unfortunately nothing happened !!


so I had to call one more time on July 12th and talked to another Rep , that conversation went well too and I was told problem is solved ! 
which was a LIE ! And again nothing happened!! 

So I decided to try one more time and I contacted Fido customer service for the third times 

but this time was super different, Christopher actually solved all the issues , this kind , nice , polite, caring gentleman spent around one hour with me on the phone . He was absolutely patient , 

explained everything very well and finally I've got what I was looking for from the beginning.


thank you so much Christopher,appreciate it 

you are awesome 👏 

Stay blessed 🥰



Hey @Samira1975,


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We appreciate every opportunity that helps us improve the service we dliever.


That said, we are super happy that Christopher was able to resolve everyhting for you. 😊 Feel free to send us a PM @FidoSolutions and we'd be happy to send the feedback to him. We're sure it'll make him happy.