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Temporary Suspension didn't work

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I'm a Fido customer from British Columbia.  

This is regarding my current phone connection with you. I had requested for a suspension on my account after my December'22 billing cycle, owing to international travel plans. 

I had followed up twice with the customer support over call for the same and was assured that the suspension would be activated, starting January 13th. 


On January 7th morning, I called up the customer support to reconfirm and I was told that the suspension will come into action from January 13 (my next billing cycle). 


I left Canada on January 7th and am currently in India. Recently I logged into my Fido account and was amused to see that the suspension wasn't activated and there's a pending bill worth $52. 


Could to please help me resolve the issue? I have had 0 usage on my number as I'm not in the country and was assured that I'd only be paying the suspension charges until my return.


Hello @AshwiniP2078 , sorry to hear that you're having charges that you weren't expecting. Do you perhaps have a financed device at present? If you do, all device payments must continue to be paid, along with suspension charges and the taxes. If not, then this should be discussed with customer support to have your account looked at. Here are some of the methods to contact Fido. You could reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter by direct message and ask for assistance, or choose from the link above. Safe travels