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Taking forever for order to update?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It has been almost three weeks already since I switched my plan and ordered an IPHONE XS with it.

All i get in 3 weeks is an email saying order still be processing in warehouse and not even an single status update or tracking at all.

I did little research and it seems like Fido is notorious in terms of not communicating with customers at all for most of their orders(even with huge delays from backorder or even cancel at sudden after a month). And this makes me a litlte bit worried and frustated. I do need a new phone because my current one is dying.


I absolutely regret ordering online and should just walked into a physical store and probably will get treated much better in that case. 


So can you help with my little order and let me know whatever the status is at least so i can at least have some sort of expectation?



Hi @wuhonfarmer !


Welcome to the Community. Smiley


I totally understand that you're looking forward to receiving your new phone and that you'd like to know more about the current status of your order.


We'll need access to your account to verify that on our end.

You can reach out to us through any of the channels listed here and we'll glad to go over everything with you.


Alternatively, we can also send you a PM through the Community, if that works best for you! 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Please send me a PM. I tried live chat and it never works. All i get is "We’re really sorry we can’t assist you, something went wrong. Let’s go get you a Live Chat agent."


Hey @wuhonfarmer


Sending a PM your way. 


Talk to you soon!