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Taking FULL advantage of the elderly TLDR; $1,730.19 in long distance charges over a span of 13 months.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

TLDR; $1,730.19 in long distance charges over a span of 13 months.


I'm posting this on behalf of my mother - i recently discovered this company has been gouging her (what a surprise for a canadian telecom company!). This is a fair warning for those of you with elderly parents...!! Her bill total was supposed to be $69.51/month (device included)


2577577084 Dec 26, 2022 $129.19

Monthly charges - (This was supposed to be the "standard" for all months on her bill)
10GB, Talk & Text $45.00
911 Municipal tx $00.46
Payment Program promo -13.76

One-time charges and credits -
+10GB $1.45
+911 $0.46
Setup Service Fee $50.00 (credited the month after, why charge it to begin with??)

Total AFTER taxes $96.13

Additional charges & credits (after taxes) for SAMSUNG GALAXY A3
Financed: Monthly Device Payment $28.75
Financed: Monthly Device Payment - GST $1.44
QST $2.87
Total $33.06

Welcome to your first month on FIDO, you're getting ripped off for an overpriced plan & device. Wait till you see your subsequent months' bills. Starting with January:

2590128067 Jan 26,2023 $123.26

Credit Hardware on Activation $50.00 QST $250 GST $4.99

Additional charges & credits (after taxes) DID I mention she's elderly? She will be late or have to reset her password every time to log into her fido my account
Late payment charge $2.15

Usage type (she sometimes forgets whether a call is watsapp or not)
Voice Long distance Charges $46.00

2602527118 Feb 26,2023 $275.03

Additional charges & credits (after taxes) still hasn't setup automatic payments...
Late Payment Charge $5.91

Usage Voice Long Distance charges $178.75

2615524344 Mar 26,2023 $441.30 (pre-authorized payments start at this month)

Late Payment Charge $5.91

Usage Voice Long Distance charges $71.75

2628414522 Apr 26, 2023 $335.47 (this is where things go south since her credit card is now on file and she can be squeezed like a lemon in a desert)

Late Payment Charge $3.53 (again? what the frack is the point of setting up pre-authorized payments?)

Usage Voice Long Distance charges $228.75 (why did no body at fido recommend blocking long distance calls? well, why would they?)

2650985196 May 26,2023 $74.57 (only $4.4 long distance charge)

2663753217 Jun 26, 2023 $278.32

Usage type
Voice Long distance Charges $166.65
#2030 $14.97 (no clue what the hell is 2030 but hey why have a clear digestable bill when you can tack on charges willy nilly?)

July 26,2023 $129.58 (Long distance charges $52.25)
Aug 26,2023 $71.24 (Long distance charges $1.65)
Sep 26.2023 $82.16 (LDC $11.00)
Oct 26,2023 $69.51 (LDC $0.00 - the lowest charge so far so let's say this should have been be the 'baseline' bill)
Nov 26.2023 $70.66 (LDC $1.00)
Dec 26, 2023 $70.66 (LDC $1.00 - yes same as the previous month)
Jan 26,2024 $158.04 (LDC $77.00)
Feb 26,2024 $271.87 (LDC $176.00)


Time to get OUT of fido, ideally somewhere I can block long distance charges as she made all these calls thinking it's watsapp


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

This is the most appalling and disgusting thing I have ever heard of, yet I completely beleive your mother was treated this way by Fido.


I'm currently paying over $200 CAD  a month extra in fees on a $30 CAD mobile bill and a $70 CAD phone bill.  It's been two years with fido and almost every month has been over $400 close to $500 CAD charges on both my bills.   When I call to talk to a representative about the fact that I can't justify this nor afford it I don't get proper explanations, they literally will not respond when I ask about canceling my contract, no they just IGNORE me.  Most recent rep when I called less than a week ago asked me " Why I haven't simply upgraded my plans to avoid these charges?" I responded confused, as I've asked over 4 times to upgrade over the past year and have been told it's "just not possible" at that time.  Her response when I explained this was that Fido had no record of me asking this ever, and that I was lying. 


This was literally one the customer service reps that Fido represents themselves through.


I will filing a complaint with the better business bureau and posting my terrible experience on all of their social media outlets where they advertise to let people know how terrible Fido is to their customers.

I was a customer with Roger's for over 13 years, with not a single problem.

Hi @Smellor15,


We'll send you a PM to look into your billing concerns. Please keep an eye out on your Community inbox.


Thank you. 

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Elderlyscammed,


  Sorry to hear of your mother's situation. However, I don't think they are trying to take advantage of anyone. Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug with WhatsApp. While it's not mentioned on their website, it seems as though the app will automatically switch to using mobile airtime minutes (within the app) if it deems the internet connection is insufficient for voice calls. It has happened to many people across Countries and even Continents (see here). One suggestion to prevent the switch would be to enable Airplane or Flight mode and manually enabling Wifi prior to making the call(s). Doing so should prevent the app from switching to mobile minutes if the Wifi internet connection is not sufficient. However, it also means that your mother wouldn't be able to make WhatsApp calls using a mobile data connection.


  As mentioned in my other post, mobile providers only know usage. They cannot divert calls from within apps to cellular calls. They have no control over how apps work.


@elderlyscammed wrote:

....why did no body at fido recommend blocking long distance calls? ...

  I understand you feel Fido should have recommended blocking long-distance calls. However, no provider would monitor customers' call habits. For what anyone knows, a customer might intend to make long-distance calls. Some people might even consider such tracking of calls to be a breach of privacy.


  That said, you can request Fido place an International call block on your mother's line. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to block calls with the same Country code (+1). For example, calls to the US would not be blocked by by the International call block.


@elderlyscammed wrote:

... no clue what the hell is 2030 but hey why have a clear digestable bill when you can tack on charges willy nilly?...

  The #2030 charge is a special charge for toll-free directory assistance. Any time a toll-free number is no longer active, the system will notify the caller of its status and ask if the caller would like to forward the call to the new number. Though this link is from another provider, it lists the different pay-per-use service codes. As noted in their list, the #2030 is for Information. Since that list is from a different provider, I'm not sure if all of those service codes are available throughout Canada or only within their region.


  Generally, that charge would be listed in detailed biil preceeded by, and then followed by, a toll-free number.


  You can certainly choose to find another provider. However, if WhatsApp deems the internet connection to be insufficient for calls, it may also attempt to divert the calls to mobile minutes.


  You should note these forums are community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. If you would like to discuss those charges, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀