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Switch companys problem

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I just switch to fido a few days ago, the agent helps me to transfer my number from the previous provider. However, I still get bill from previous provider, I've called them and they told me I am still with them( the status is active) thus why they bill me. Then I called fido hotline, the agent is often interrupted me and seems don't want to provide any help, a very poor service with a cold tone like an answering machine, she didn't answer what I ask and even dont know what I need.

.My question is very simple, when I switch to fido, the fido agent did the action/operation to switch the number, do you guys have any record or traceability to perform this action? 

Without black and white, by the verbal confirmation that wont help to solve the problem. 

Such a waste half hour on phone~😅

Thanks in advance.



Hello @Faye999,


Welcome to the community!


Did the number actually port over to the Fido line? If you call the number does it ring on the Fido line? If the number was ported then it should have canceled the previous provider line.


I'm sure you would have to pay for the days you used the service at the previous provider and if the account was not cancelled but the number was ported over to Fido then you will have to contact the previous provider Fido would not be able to do anything about an account/billing issues with another provider.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

TKX to reply me. It is Fido line and signal now,Totally understand your point, I was pre-paid ,they charged me next Jan fee now, I called the previous provider they said the system shows I am still with them( big mistake), but they will investigate. The billing issue is nothing to do with Fido side, I just wanna proof or something from Fido which confirms the successfully transferred to Fido which is the evidence I transferred, because Fido did this action. I was calling Fido after I called the previous provider, I am searching for help to fix this issue with the previous one ( solid evidence not the "the agent told me") not asking Fido fix my billing issue with another company. In my mind, Fido should have something can prove I was transferred. It is the billing issue but not with Fido, the Fido issue is the PROOF( If Fido have maybe it should have).


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Faye999!


There is definitely proof of the port-in, and it's found on your account. This is proof that both your old provider, and Fido has as the port request shows on their end as well.

As the issue seems to be with the old provider we suggest contacting them and having them look up the port-out requests on your file - if a port to Fido was sent they will see it there. If it was completed, they will see that as well Smiley


I hope that helps!