Sudden MMS loss

Sudden MMS loss

Sudden MMS loss

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Sudden MMS loss



My MMS started giving me an error that I can't download MMS, to check my settings etc. I'm unable to send or recieve MMS, SMS is fine. Was working 48 hours ago.


Thing's I've tried;


Reset APN to default - didn't work


Went into APN/Edit Access Point and tried to change things, but all of the options are locked/greyed out


Went to Fido site to find settings and manually make a new setup via Add APN, filled it all out, but it doesn't appear as an option to select after I save the profile. ( Fido page hasn't been updated since 2016, my settings match except for MMS Proxy, the Fido page suggests an IP address, my phone has A newer page from this year had a bunch of different settings;   But again, these are greyed out and I can't change any fields AND it worked with the original settings 2 days ago.)


Changed apps ( from Textra to built in Message app, ) didn't help


Tunrned off Wifi, just used data, got the same error that the message failed.


I'm using an LG G5, Android ver 7.0, last updated March 2018


Only thing I can think of is, last friday I signed up to change plans and update. i was told the change wouldn't come into effect till my next billing cycle start, and I checked my Fido account page and I'm still on the old one as far as the website is concerned, but that's the only thing that's potentially changed that I know of. Plus, I've changed plans before without any interruption...


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hey @JonGeorgeA ,


Did you try deleting the current APN settings and adding a brand new profile instead of editing it?


Also, can you send me a current screen cap of the APN settings ? 



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No I didn't try to delete the old profile and make a new one, too afraid my other apps will break too Wink I can still send images thru instagram or FB messenger, I don't want those to stop too.


How do I send a screenshot, theres no place to add attachments...


Thanks for the speedy reply!



Thanks for the update @JonGeorgeA


You would be able to attach screenshots by inserting pictures when replying to this message Smiley


Though be sure that the APN settings are set up as shown here. The APN Fido LTE should be there and if not it needs to be added manually (creating a new one).


Let us know how it goes!

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Ok, changed my settings to those you recommended. Now the error is MMS failed to send, rather than MMS error, check APN. Tries for a much longer time before getting the error, the previous settings got the error right away.


Also figured out how to attach pics, ha, had to snoop around a bit...but these are the settings I've had, untouched , since I've had this LG G5.











Thanks @JonGeorgeA


Can you change the MMS proxy to  : .



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That's the IP address I used when I made my new profile, also didn't work. Plus,something I didn't notice until I was out of wifi range , data wouldn't connect on the new profile. When I switched to the default, all my backed up texts etc appeared.

How would this work one day and not the next ? It's weird.

Anyway I've attached the settings for the new profile I made with the settings from the Fido site you sent just so you can see both.






Thank for that @JonGeorgeA!


Just to be clear, are you saying that everything is now working or just the data?


Let us know. Smiley

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To summarize,


Original default Fido settings that came with the phone, that stopped working; No MMS, data connects but no images can be sent or received.


New settings in new profile; no MMS and No Data.


So still at square one unfortunately.




Hey @JonGeorgeA,


Thanks a lot for the clarification Smiley


Would it be possible for you to do another test on your side? Would you be able to reset the Network Settings on your device in 

  • Settings > Backup & reset
  • Network settings reset

Let us know if that changes anything. 


Also, would you be able to test your SIM card in a different device to confirm if the service works on a nother phone?

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So I did not try the last couple suggestions, as, for some reason, MMS is working again on my old, default settings...sort of. ( So something changed on the Fido end. ) I can send and receive via MMS, but some things take 12 hours to appear. So it works, but very slowly and inconsistently.


Should I still perform the Network ettings Reset? Will it keep all of my WiFI passwords etc, or does it wipe everything?







Hey @JonGeorgeA!


It's been a while and we haven't heard back from you.


Is everything working as it should now?


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There's still some delay with some messages, it's pretty inconsistent. But overall it's much better, I'm fine with how it's working now.


Thanks for following up,and thanks for your help!



I'm happy to hear that it's working! 


Thanks for updating us! Smiley

Yes by resetting the Network Setting, it'll remove all the passwords and will bring the phone to his default settings.