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Store unnecessary charge money from me

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, My name is Amrit Singh. I am fido customer from last two years . Few days back, I puchased iphone 13 on finance plan from fido on august 30 , 2022. When I visited fido store , employees there told me that my mobile number had to port and active with different account and they said that activation charges is 150 dollars plus 18 dollars tax . The total 168 dollars. They told me that I would get all the money back . Today I saw the bill then I realized that they cheated me . I have a credit card transaction detail to prove my claim . What should I do now ? 
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Hello @Amrit4,


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Since this is an account-related issue and not know the full scope of the transaction it would be best to go back to the store and speak with them if they are not helping then I would suggest you contact customer service directly and explain what happened and they would better assist you.