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Fido: A thug company, posts unnecessary bill charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
I am writing this e-mail complaining about the miscellaneous and unnecessary charges on my mobile phone.I have been charged $687.46 on my phone no. but I am sure that this charge doesn't belong to me as I was not in the country and before leaving the country I switched off my cell phone and didn't used it for 2 months. I also talked regarding this with your CS representative and the supervisor and I told them to please look after this case on higher level. They said the result will come within 4-5 days but those 4-5 days didn't came. Instead I have been receiving calls from Fido to pay my bill and when I ask them what is the result of my complaint, no one has any answers and they said to call customer service at 611. So, I called Customer service around 6-7 times and every time they had the same answer the result is not here yet. Instead they started negotiating with me over the amount but I am not willing to pay even a single penny of the bill (for the services I didn't use at all). Instead, I am willing to pay $100 that should be my bill for 2 months, if the unncessary charges are cleared off my account. I totally deny that my cell phone was on when I was in India and I have been continuously telling this to all your CS representatives every time I talk to them and waste my hours doing this. 
FIDO is trying to threaten me about the bill for the international data which i didn't used at all. Today after talking to FIDO for an hour, I was frustrated with your services and the way you are harassing your customer. Also, the CS representative BLACKMAILED me if I am not going to pay the bill, they will transfer my name to Credits Department of Canada. Now, I am going to consult my attorney to take this issue to higher level. Your company has no right to ruin my studies like this. I am not been able to study well because of all these tensions going on in my head every time I sit to study. This is my last semester and if I fail will FIDO be paying for my tuition fees?
I have been your loyal customer for last 2 years and I have been recommending Fido to all my friends and almost 25-30 of my friends are using Fido because I recommended Fido to them. Due to fear that I will have further unnecessary charges on my name, I have decided to cancel my services with FIDO. It is totally unacceptable that your company issues such an unnecessary bill to the customer and I request that this issue is resolved asap. 
I fully understand Fido wants to make money and their recent changes are meant to encourage that. But at the same time, it also serves to frustrate and discourage existing customer who may no longer feel appreciated using FIDO services anymore.
I request that this time I only want to talk to any senior level manager only about this issue and don't want to waste hours talking to CS representatives.
Waiting for a prompt reply from a senior level manager only.
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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

This company is purely scum. I didn't even use their plan and they sent me a bill lol. Shameless.

Will avoid at all cost

Hello @ddcsss,


If you have a post-paid account you will be billed your monthly amount regardless if you use the service or not.

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2
Hey, Sorry to hear that happened to you, Maybe you can provide some more details about your bill so that the fido representatives can help? Was it roaming charges on your phone? Or do you suspect someone stole your sim card? Hope this is resolved for you. Sometimes writing a letter to the company is more effective than staying on the phone for hours on end.

I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

Vaibhav_Vicky: did you leave your phone at home? Do you live alone? I've heard of this type of thing happening before. One person I know visited another country for a couple months. While there he took a trip for a week to another country. Not needing his phone, he left it in a drawer in the house he was staying in. When he returned to Canada he received a huge bill for roaming and long distance calling. His phone was password protected so he couldn't fingure out how this happened. He eventually found out that housekeeper or some other person with access to his room, had removed his SIM, placed it into a another phone and made lots and lots of calls. The SIM was put back before he returned and he was none the wiser until he got the bill.


If you don't live alone, it is something to consider.

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yeah i remember that story about the house keeper.  i hope that didnt happen to this guy too