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Someone please explain

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Why does my profile says "Im helpful level 1" ? 

I have seen other profiles saying "Im a controbutor level 1" or level 2 


what makes me helpful instead of a contributor and why the level numbers? 


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @FollowThePolo 


Congrats on ranking up! We have a ranking structure in our community to showcase your level of contribution. The more you participate (visit the Community, post, offer solutions, accumulate likes, etc.), the faster you'll rank up. I'm Helpful Level 1 is a higher rank than Contributor. There are levels of each rank also (1 - 3), so if you continue to be active in the community, you'll see yourself rank up to new levels!


Hope this helps!