Scam calls. Is Fido has no protection on the data??

Scam calls. Is Fido has no protection on the data??

Scam calls. Is Fido has no protection on the data??

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Scam calls. Is Fido has no protection on the data??

Hello Fido.


Today I have been called three times from the numbers as follow: 

+248 9999 68,

+248 9999 25,

+248 9999 37. 

Caller ID shows name "Seychelles". I checked those number online and on website they are posted by many people today. I accidently answer one call, never called back to, and blocked all three numbers.

My question is there are a lot of people affected by this scam today, hoppefully most people understood that it's a type of scam. but anyway, most affected numbers are registered with Fido or Rogers (which is the same company basically). You have all users' data, and you must protect this data. Then how it happened than in one day so many people were called from the same numbers?? Don't tell me that the scammers use computer generated numbers, because most of the affected people were from Toronto Area. I've been living in Alberta for two years. but kept my Ontario number, so basically my information is registered in Ontario. 

I do need real answers!!!! What kind of steps are you going to make to protect my personal information?? 

Probably about two weeks ago I received another call from +1 (867) 992-0248, it was recorded message from CRA (which I'm fully aware is a scam) with a treat to arrest me if I won't call them immidiatly. I blocked this number too. 

Anyway, to block numbers it's not a solution to this, data protection is. And it feels that all personal information is leaking from Fido to the hands of scamers.

I do request to contact me and explain what is going on not in general term but with a technical solution!!!

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Re: Scam calls. Is Fido has no protection on the data??

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Hey @Irinac,


Welcome to the Community!


I completely understand that receiving those types of calls is not pleasant at all and can be a great irritant and I assure you that we take this very seriously.


You can also rest assured that we have nothing to do with these kinds of calls and don’t support them in any way.  Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do to stop these companies from contacting you because there are no laws stopping them from doing so. But we do everything we can to lower their chances of getting in touch with you.


We use sophisticated anti-spam software in our network to protect you from spammers. The software has advanced threat detection algorithms to constantly hunt for and identify suspicious activity. We also have a dedicated team who monitors and detect for mobile messaging threats and creates configurations to block current/new issues in real-time.


We try our best to stop these kinds of activities, however, as much as we try, we can't stop them all!


Most importantly, we would never sell or share any of our customers' personal information, including phone numbers, as your privacy and security stays one of our top priorities!


Avoid picking up those calls as much as possible and make sure to block the unwanted calls by blocking the caller's number. 


I also recommend reporting the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:


Their site provides a large amount of information on known scams.


You can check it out for more details.



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With due respect to Fido solutions, I had changed to a new number after getting a lot of scam calls. The hunting by the scammers began again just after one week of getting my new number. Most of the numbers are fido registered and appear very local having the same first few digits. I STRONGLY BELIEVE IT"S FIDO THAT ALLOWS THIS TYPE OF SCAM. QUESTIONS IS WHAT THEY GET AFTER DOING THIS SCAM! There could be many reasons here is one---according to me!



1. Some calls would come from international scammers like some South African countries. When you call back (need not talk or your phone is received by the other side) you would be shown to have called international call and you would be charged for that. I was charged $29 (CAD) alleging to have called for 15 minutes. When you call them they just read a template with a conclusion that it's compulsory to pay them.





Hello Ajrup11,


  Sorry to hear you've incurred long-distance charges, apparently as a result of these SPAM calls. However, Fido isn't (nor are any of the other mobile providers) complicit with the SCAMs.


   As mentioned previously, they tend to target the different mobile providers' customers using the different area code/prefix combinations (see here).


@Ajrup11 wrote:..Most of the numbers are fido registered and appear very local having the same first few digits..

  In addition, the spammers/scammers often call using spoofed phone numbers.The spammers/scammers will tend to spoof phone numbers within their target range to make potential victims think the calls are coming from people they might know. Since your area code/prefix is for Fido (unless you ported from another provider), many of the calls will also appear to come from Fido phone numbers. It's called Neighbour spoofing (see here and here). In some instances, the spammers/scammers will use the recipients' own phone numbers to make the calls, called mirroring. Even the RCMP are not immune to being spoofed (see here). The RCMP are not in collusion with the spammers/scammers either. Those are just the phone numbers the spammers/scammers chose to spoof. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done to prevent numbers from being spoofed. 


  I understand it appears like they might be targeting Fido customers, however, none of the providers are immune to the SPAM calls everyone has been receiving. In fact, the problem is broader than solely a Canadian issue -- it's Worldwide (see here).


  Unfortunately, until the technology to unmask the true number of spammers/scammers is readily available (not simply the number shown on the caller ID), the only solution currently is to block the numbers on your phone. You should note that blocking the calls only prevents the calls from ringing your phone. It does not prevent the callers from leaving voicemail. There are (at least were) some apps which claimed to also prevent callers from leaving voicemail. They worked by answering and almost simultaneously ending the calls. While those apps do prevent calls from going to voicemail, the calls are also considered 'answered' and therefore count as airtime.


  As suggested in the BBB alert, it's best not to answer calls from phone numbers you don't recognise. To further their suggestion, it might also be prudent not to return calls to phone numbers you do not recognise. If the call was important, the caller would have left a message.


Hope this helps 😀









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I just register in Fido forum to express my anger on how Fido to protect their customers. Noradays, email system can block the spoofed email, you as carrier can't block the spoofed number? You can't do that or not want to??

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And why all those fraud related complaints in this forum marked as resolved while they are not?

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It's enought, I am sick of Fido/Rogers.

Hey @wei2020


What's going on? What email did you receive on your end?

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I am quite used to getting several scam calls everyday. However, today the scam call went to the next level! They claimed that they were from FIDO Chinese office. I would really appreciate some explanations why the scammer knew I am FIDO users. Thanks! 

Hello HungS,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand how frustrating it can be getting all of these SPAM calls. As explained in an earlier post, it's actually rather simple to target customers from a particular provider. All they need is to choose an area code and prefix for their chosen target and sequentially dial those numbers from 0000 to 9999. If the caller wasn't from Fido, then the spammers/scammers weren't likely targeting you specifically.


  There have even been instances where customers have ported their phone numbers to a different provider yet still receive SPAM targeted at their previous provider. That could be taken as evidence that the spammers/scammers use the online phone number databases rather than actual mobile provider customer information.


Hope this helps 😀




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I have been getting this type of call many times a day for the last two weeks. It is extremely annoying. The same recording claiming being from Service Canada threatening to imprision me and yadayada...

I can block all the numbers but they rarely use the same one. 

I'm not answering any call anymore. They go to the voicemail and saturate my three slots every day. I have to call and delete them as soon as I can, cause I don't want to lose a real message.

I'm currently traveling. Will the voicemail calls result in roaming charges?

Please help stopping these annoying calls!


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Hey @Rick_A


We're doing everything we can on our end to limit these calls I assure you.


The calls will not trigger roaming charges, as long as you don't answer them or call your voicemail directly from your device to retrieve those voicemails you're good to go. 


Hope this helps! 

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Is there any way -other than call the voicemail from my phone- to retrieve (and delete) the scam messages recorded in the voice mail?


You can follow these steps to check your voicemail from another device or landline @Rick_A:

  1. Call your Fido phone number from another phone.
  2. When you hear the voicemail greeting, press #.
  3. Enter your voicemail access code and press #.

Keep in mind that if you're calling from a non-Canadian number, long distance charges will apply. If you call from another Canadian number, regular roaming charges will apply.


Hope this helps!



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I have the same issue.


To make it short, i opened my fido account in Vancouver and i got fake calls after few months with a voice mail of a chinese voice with always a different number. It kind of stopped after few months.

When i moved to Montreal i change my number to a local one with the same phone plan at fido and it restarted again with nearly daily phone call with the same voice mail. It then switched to scam call about my taxes during the taxes period and then stopped.

Last week i change my phone plan to another one still at fido with the same phone number from Montreal and now i get about 3-4 calls every single day with a robotic voice about my taxes and that i can get arrested.


3 weeks ago i even received a text message from a fake fido number about a reimbursement from Fido i could get and for that, i had to do it by interac and enter my account information.


I am from France and in about 10 yrs of using a cell phone i never got any scam and since I am in Canada (2 yrs and a half) i get scams all the time like i described above.


How the hell this can happen so often and everytime i make a change at Fido? My girlfriend has the same problem and she is with FIdo too.


I keep blocking those numbers but they are different all the time so please Fido do something to stop this as it isn't normal to get so much scam in such a short time...

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I'm a Participant Level 1

When will Fido implement STIR/SHAKEN protections for its customers against spammers, robocalls and phone number spoofing?

.Hey @00A


I have moved your post in this thread as it deals with the same topic. You'll find all the informations regarding the subject in this thread.


That said, we thank you for the recommendation.


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Hopefully this is the appropriate place to make this post.


I've received a phone call claiming to be from fido (was definitely not). The number was local to me 514 629 0000 


The lady had a heavy accent and there was a baby screaming the entire length of her intro speech so when I asked "can you please repeat I didn't understand" her response was "you speak English so why don't you understand?" 

It was something about meeting in front of a walmart for a special promotion but that's all I got cause she was extremely rushed and rude. 

I know theres no way she could be employed by fido, and I'm not sure what kind of scam this is but putting it out here incase anyone else receives a call from this number. 

Hello Klc7,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the information!  That is certainly not the usual type of SCAM calls we have seen on here.


Thanks for posting Smiley



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I keep getting daily phone calls most of the times more than once daily; when I answer a message in Chinese prompts then I close my phone and block the number.

 I get the same voice from a different number since I blocked the previous one.

 It is so annoying to keep getting those phone calls several times on daily basis.

I also get spam phone calls from “revenue Canada “ I since I kept blocking those phone calls it’s not as annoying as that Chinese answering machine.

 I feel I am getting harassed big time.

please help!!!!!!!

Hey @Bethlehem


I moved your post to this thread as it deals with a similar topic! 


Check out the accepted solution for some tips and tricks! 

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For months, I have been getting 2-5 calls daily from a Chinese pre-recorded voice that apparently tells me that I owe the CRA money and I'll be arrested. While I obviously know these aren't genuine, I continue to run into the problem of having a full voicemail (3 messages) by the end of my work day. When real people try to call me while I'm busy, they are not able to leave a voicemail.


What is Fido doing about the bombardment of pre-recorded calls? The phone number changes every single time I block the previous one and I have no idea how I can stop this from happening. This is harassment and I know Fido isn't the only phone company with users who are experiencing this problem.