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Strange Problem with connection to phone service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

A strange problem developed about 36 hours ago. Calling any phone number from inside my home ususlly fails, and I get a recorded message saying "Unfortunately, I cannot complete your call as dialed. Please check the number and dial again." My partner, using their own phone, is having the same problem. Online help suggested we turn on 'Airplane Mode' for a few seconds. That works and we can place an outgoing call, but it only works for one or two calls, then we get the same recorded message and have to start all over again. This problem disappears outside the home and we can both place outgoing calls without incident. We live in a highrise and have discovered that at least one other person, on a different floor, is having the same problem.


We have tried the online chat and the customer help line several times; they do not know the source of the problem and could not fix it. We have gone to the local Fido store and talked , in person, to the support staff. They did not know what was wrong and could not correct the problem. Surprisingly, they claimed to have no way to contact someone with greater technical knowledge who might be able to assist.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Ed55,


Welcome to our Community!


We're sad to learn you're having trouble with the service indoors, we know it's definitely not a pleasant situation. 


Can you let us know if you noticed a drop in network bars when you aren't able to place calls? Indoor connection can't always be guaranteed as many factors can affect cellular signal, including:


- location relative to the cellular towers

- concrete-walled building
- upper floors of a tall building
- elevators, basements or underground transit
- being near large obstructions, like buildings, mountains, hills, etc. 


Can you also let us know if you have followed any other troubleshooting on your side? Did you try Resetting the Network Settings and is your OS up to date? 


If all the troubleshooting done so far failed, I would strongly suggest looking into activating WiFi Calling if you have a compatible device. The service allows you to make and receive calls, plus send and receive messages over Wi-Fi and it's perfect when you have a weaker signal. 


You can check out if your phone is compatible with Wi-Fi calling and learn everything about the service and how to set it up here.