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Ripped off by Fido for roaming in US

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was in the US for 10 days in October. I turned off cellular data and roaming. I use my phone only when I had access to Wi-Fi. I made phone calls only using WhatsApp when I had access to Wi-Fi. Yet I was billed $12 a day. I am a retired senior on a fixed income and simply cannot afford to pay such a big bill. Nor should I have to because I didn't use the service at all. I've also been on hold with Fido on the phone for over two hours Still holding. Nice. Can you help with my problem please? Thank you. Brenda



Hey @4837 Smiley

Sorry to learn that there were some unexpected charges on your bill. 

To clarify, switching off data and roaming will ensure that you have more control over what uses your services, but it won't prevent your phone from connecting to a US network to use calls and texts.


We do offer an option to block all roaming, should you wish to add this to your line for future travels! 

That said, we can certainly go over your bill details with you to ensure you weren't charged roaming when you didn't use the service.


We're available to help through all the channels listed here.