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Poor Customer Service & poor value for money Spent.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Poor customer service

I have been loyal fido customer since August 2009, it has been more than  13 years. (Total 160 months, i have paid more than $16,000 to Fido for its services)

I guess its time to switch to a different carrier.

I was on hold for 2.5 hours this morning spoke with a specialist name Batty, he transferred my call to loyalty department and dropped my call. Called again and currently on hold for more than 2 hours as we speak. Seems like Fido is busy with attracting new customers and doesn't want to entertain its existing customer. 
seems like it will be faster to Switch to Bell / Virgin to get better value for my money, seems like Fido doesn't want my business anymore or may be i have overstayed my welcome with Fido. Cell phone company like Fido only apperciate customer who switch carrier every year.



Hey @Md18 Smiley


Thank you so much for your loyalty! We truly appreciate it.


We're currently experiencing the busiest time of the year due to our Holiday offers, so we sincerely apologize about the unusual wait times.


We'd hate to see you go and would love to discuss your options, so please reach out through any of the channels listed here so we can help.


Should you not wish to wait on hold, a good option is to reach out via Live Chat or to message us on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). 


Talk soon!