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Racism, Bullying, Mocking, and Deliberately unhelpful.

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Does a 4000$ phone bill seem reasonable to you at all despite what someone's been doing on their phone? We have had a cap for data where they must send you a text message however for long-distance calls there's nothing and hugely impacts those who are immigrants and have family back home.  You people have no consideration of people going through the pandemic, losing their jobs, and finding ways of supporting those in need rather than ripping them off. Do you know how long it takes for someone working minimum wage to earn that much? 


I spoke to a 5 reps, all who were extremely helpful, kind, and wanted to do whatever they can to help me. It was when I reached the manager, it was instantly a disgusting racist attitude, and no empathy of the fact that english is my second language. 


You have people selling plans to the elderly left right and centre, not explaining exactly what the plan is and when the bill lands on their head, you don't respond to your emails, get back to us like you say within 48 hours from your "presidents office".


When you want the money, you must have it but when we need our customer service, you disappear. What are we paying you so much money for exactly? I have recordings of being mocked and treated with complete disrespect. You have your customer service reps misinterpreting what we're saying, getting themselves aggravated and then taking it out on us? 



Why have I not received a call back from the president's office after a week and a half of speaking to the reps, replying back to the email and setting up a time as asked?  Why are we as customers getting treated like complete dirt when we're paying so much money to you? It's about time we come together as a community and speak up to these phone companies.





Hey @rajnitomer Smiley

I'm sorry to hear about your experience and the extra long distance charges on your bill.
I can definitely understand that a high account balance is not easy to pay off, especially in these difficult times. 

If you haven't heard back from the Office of the President yet, please contact us so we can escalate the request. 

We can also send you a PM directly through the Community, if you prefer!