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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Was on the phone with a FIdo agent. I told her I was registering a friend for a new phone line. She never mentioned I had to go through the refer a friend website. I ended up canceliing that phone line with another agent. I went to the refer a friend website and followed the steps for referals. I sent my friend an email through the site as required. New telephone number was reissued. Sent an email to the refer a friend division. They cliam they do not see me registered with the refer a friend program and they can't give me credit and my friend a credit for the referral. They told me the same thing the 1st time I tried contacting them.


What more is there? Seems this program is bogus and there is no tel # to reach the refer a friend department. Top secret I guess.


Very disappointed with Fido. They are a minoir league company. They are happy to take your money and record the conversations you have about adding more features to your plan but make you jump through hoops to give you a credit even though I submitted proof to them . Very unprofessional treatment especially since I and my familiy have been their customers for many years.


They can keep the credits. Maybe they need the money to recruit competent staff.




Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



This really shouldn't have happened if all the program terms and conditions were fullfilled, we're sorry for the experience!


In order to be eligble for the credit, as a Referrer, you must be an existing Fido mobile customer on a postpaid plan with an account in good standing for 30 days. As a Referee, you must be a new Fido wireless customer, also have your account in good standing for 30 days and have signed up for a wireless plan with an eligible wireless postpaid plan after you were referred.


If these conditions are met, once the referred friend unlocks their Refer a Friend reward and activates their new Fido mobile service, the referee (you) must complete the referral process by entering their Fido phone number at This will become the referral completion date.


Can you please confirm if all this was done?


You can also learn more about the program here.


Keep us posted. 

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi Florida!

I think someone from  Fido will heard your call, and credit account!

Have a nice day Very_Happy