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Quick Messenger Service (Toronto)

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

This is a message for anyone who has had an issue with a FIDO packag delivery via Quick Messenger Service (QMS) in Toronto: 


This company gives zero %$&*'s about customer service. Waited around and wasted 4 hours waiting for my package that was never delivered. Called customer service and they said, "oh that's strange, I don't know why that happened", then hung up on me when I proceeded to express frustration. A quick scroll through the reviews on google gives you a good idea of what other customers think - terrible service and terrible customer relations. Unsurprisingly, they do nothing to rectify their poor PR and make no effort to engage with anyone who has submitted a negative review...FIDO should cease do do business with these people!


I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

This is by far the worst courier ever! I pretty much had the same bad experience as everyone else! The day I got the tracking number said the my phone was going to be delivered the next day which I thought was awesome! I took the day off because no one was going to be home and I was really excited to get my phone ( lost $160 a day for not goi to work ) waited all day for nothing tracking number was not updated. I called only to wait for 30 mins and get hung up twice. Which was very upsetting. It’s so obvious that those agents don’t to hear customer complaints that’s why they would just hang up on customers. I finally decided to call as a soon as they opened someone picked up right away just to tell me that they are still close and asked me to call back at 8:30 that’s what time they opened. I was able to keep calm and just tried to call back. 830 dialed right away and waited 45 mins. It’s insane! Finally to speak to someone who said my package was going to be delivered the same day I called between 9-9 pm. I still had my hopes high that I was going to finally get my phone. No one came. Sad story. I was pissed literally. Tracking number still was not updated. Kept checking and checking. It was updated that again going to be delivered the next day. Someone was home all day waiting for the package. But no knock or call but note on the tracking number said “no one was home” package on hold. I couldn’t believe it. I literally had my daughter wait by the door and promised me no one had even knocked. It got the point that I got tired out waiting and just whatever now. Now package said it was arrive today once again and again someone was here at home Until 9 pm - 9 pm passed as predicted I know it would say something like no access or no one home again and I was right. So at the point where if I get it I get it if no Fido can take back their phone. This company gives them a bad reputation I don’t how such a big company use this! They have lazy people working for this company who does not make an effort to deliver to customers. I need drivers would just drive around and not get off cars and update no one is home or no access then leave. Even if they have no access. Fido never asked me for no buzzer number. Or the driver can just call and say hey I’m downstairs and I have to your package problem solved. Nothing. I don’t see a logic of sending via Canada post or UPS then picked it up done. 

im tired of waiting Fido u can take your phone back. Because of this company. U make me think twice about having Fido. 

Thanks to QMS — 

Hey @Mstrinario!


Thanks for sharing your feedback, this isn't the type of experiences we want for our customers and we do appreciate you sharing. 


That said, did you get your phone? If not, please let us know and we'll PM you to look into things further.



I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I think Fido should give the option to pay for our own shipping through a more reliable company like UPS or FedEx. My phone was expected Dec 01 (received a notification e-mail). I emailed QMS and they confirmed that the phone would be there before 9pm Dec 01, but they could not give me a more specific time. My package never came. Called on Dec 02, they again said before 9pm. Said the driver didn't make the delivery before due to bad weather (ok understandable). Once again stayed home all day, no delivery. Called again this morning, was told that their driver would not be in my area until tomorrow between 12pm-5pm. If I miss that time slot I have to wait until Dec 07. Luckily I have no plans for tomorrow but we will see if the delivery actually comes! So far the agents I spoke with were polite but this company seems like a disorganized mess... the online tracking is essentially useless because it provides inaccurate information (if any) and their phones disconnected me repeatedly while I was in the hold queue. I ordered online because the Black Friday promotion was online only. I would have happily paid for shipping if it meant I would have my phone by now (not to mention the two days wasted because I couldn't leave my house).

Hey @Tsmith88


This is not the kind of experience we want anyone to have. We'll make sure to forward your feedback. 


Let us know if you finally got your phone in the end! 

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I had a problem with the QMS too. I ordered samsung galaxy s10 plus with fido. I got a empty box. I called fido, they told me that will take 24 to 48 hrs for investigation and they will call me back. I never receive a call and i call them back and they said it take 72 hrs after i called back. They said case closed but no response. They opened case again and extract same thing happening and finally i talked to manager, he was saying that QMS told them i am reliable for the phone that i never receive. Now i have a $100 plus tax plan and i owe 1331 if i cancel the line. It is a big scam. Get the phone from store and open and check it always. Always you struck with the companies.

Hello @Jeevahanje12 and welcome to the Community.

This should never have happened. We will need to go over your account to see what's going on with your order.

You can find the ways to reach us on our contact page here.

We can also send you a PM here if it's best for you. Let us know Smiley

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @AdenaRose


I'm sad to see you had this kind of experience with the delivery of your package. We'll make sure to forward your feedback to the right people on our end here. 

Can you confirm if you were able to get the package in the end?