Quick Messenger Service (Toronto)

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I'm a Participant Level 1

Quick Messenger Service (Toronto)

This is a message for anyone who has had an issue with a FIDO packag delivery via Quick Messenger Service (QMS) in Toronto: 


This company gives zero %$&*'s about customer service. Waited around and wasted 4 hours waiting for my package that was never delivered. Called customer service and they said, "oh that's strange, I don't know why that happened", then hung up on me when I proceeded to express frustration. A quick scroll through the reviews on google gives you a good idea of what other customers think - terrible service and terrible customer relations. Unsurprisingly, they do nothing to rectify their poor PR and make no effort to engage with anyone who has submitted a negative review...FIDO should cease do do business with these people!

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Re: Quick Messenger Service (Toronto)

Hey @AdenaRose


I'm sad to see you had this kind of experience with the delivery of your package. We'll make sure to forward your feedback to the right people on our end here. 

Can you confirm if you were able to get the package in the end? 

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