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Pulse15 vs. Current Plans

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

We have two phones on the Pulse15 plans at $50 each per month.  The plan gives us each 1GB of data per month.  I notice that new plans on the Fido website appear to give 12GB of data for $50 per month in addition to the unlimited items we have on the Pulse plan.  Why am I paying $50 a month for 1 GB of data?  Should I be looking around for alternative providers?  Why does Fido not take care of their long-term customers by providing automatic enhancements to older plans when their new plans are upgraded to match the competition?


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello EJC2022,


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@EJC2022 wrote:... providing automatic enhancements to older plans ...

  The mobile providers are not able to make changes to a customer's plan or switch them to a new plan without their  permission. While some details of new plans might appear better or the same as older plans, there might be slight differences which could upset customers if they lose a feature unexpectedly. For example, my old plan included Premium Voicemail-to-text. That feature was removed from newer plans and incorporated as an Add-on. I would have been rather upset if Ilost that feature because they automatically switched my plan to a newer one. The only way to avail of new plans is for customers to switch to a new one themselves.


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Hi @EJC2022 , yes, the new plans are pretty generous these days. You could update you plans through the fido app or on-line in your account. Unless you are locked into a legacy plan because of a device, I would highly recommend updating the plan. You would also get canada wide calling and unltd texts international and canada. You should go and take a look and see what suits your needs