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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there I wondering my boyfriend is coming for a visit, and he wants to know how to use his phone while hes here. He uses a iPhone 11 and is with horizon,  is there anything he can or has to do  or I to have an account maybe I can use that in some way


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Senior MVP

Hello Meliniets,


  Happy New Year and Welcome to the Community!


  Firstly, from where is your boyfriend visiting -- another Canadian Province, US, International? Secondly, it would depend on how he wants to use his services.


  I'm not familiar with Horizon. Is it possible he's with Orizon Mobile or Verizon Mobile? If he's with Orizon, they are affiliated with Telus and his usage would depend on the specifics of his plan. On the other hand, if he's with Verizon, any usage in Canada would be considered roaming since Verizon doesn't operate in Canada. Whether or not roaming is included would depend on his plan details. He might consider contacting his mobile provider to see what using his services where you live would entail.


  On the other hand, if he is visiting from US or other International destination and is interested in obtaining a Fido SIM for use during his stay, I think a Pre-paid option would likely be best.


Hope this helps 😀