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Problems with Long Distance Charge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm having a problem with this Long Distance Charge I have received. I recently picked up an iPhone from Black Friday 2022 and combined accounts with my Ipads. Here is the problem, I usually face time over wifi all the time, with no charge on my Ipads, my internet service provider doesn't charge me. Ever since I got the phone, any calls over wifi with the iPads are logged through the phone SIM and also to countries from abroad. How does that make sense? The iPad doesn't have cellular service nor was it connected to the phone SIM. It shows as outgoing long distance calling when in fact it was not. What is the solution here?


I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

I'd start with reaching out to Apple Support and getting clarity on how FaceTime works. From what you describe, FaceTime calls shouldn't be going over the normal wireless network, so my hunch would be to see if some other system is at play.

Cawtau isn't completely accurate in that you're SOL if you didn't intend to make long distance calls but did anyway. The CRTC requires Fido to warn you upfront about long distance charges and also sets caps on how much you can be charged without your consent: .

See if you have recourse in that document and bring it to Fido's attention. In my recent experience, I had to escalate my complaint to the Office of the President before I got someone who understood Fido's obligations under the Code, and they fixed it in 10 seconds (after 3 weeks of trying to get that call!).



@BobC83 wrote:

....The CRTC requires Fido to warn you upfront about long distance charges and also sets caps on how much you can be charged without your consent: ....

  The Wireless Code does not include any provisions about long-distance charges nor calling caps. You have been previously provided with the Regulation Policy which established the Wireless Code (see here). I understand you have your own interpretation of that information, though. However, as you previously noted, the only interpretation which matters is that of the CRTC.


  If you wish to continue to claim the information I have provided is not correct, kindly provide the proper sections in the Wireless Code where CRTC outlines that they require mobile providers to warn customers upfront about long-distance charges and related caps.




Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Qbui,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've incurred an unexpected long-distance charge for what you thought was a FaceTime call. Is it possible that Apple changed their Facetime interface such that making calls through the app is now different than it was before? Another community member noted a similar issue they referred to as a glitch (see here). It would be up to customers to know the how the apps work on their devices -- even if those apps may have changed how to access certain functions.


   I understand the call was made using your iPad. However, Apple does provide the option to relay calls through an iPhone (see here). When you combined your accounts, is it possible it allowed your iPad to make calls via your iPhone?


  Unfortunately, if the calls are listed on your bill, your phone did make those International calls. I also understand you did not intend on making those calls via the networks. However, if the calls are on the system, they were connected via the networks. The long-distance calls were made using Fido's cellular services. 


Hope this helps 😀