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Problems making changes to account.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

  Long story short yesterday was cyber Monday(29/11/21). I called Fido and waited 3hr to get a hold of someone(no issues as I understand it's busy). When the fella answered he was very nice and was happy to help with what I wanted to have done. Basically I wanted to upgrade my phone and switch plans at the same time. We settled on a particular plan(12GB for $50/mth + $10 bill credit for 24mth effectively making the plan 12GB for $40/mth). Once that was settled we were in the process of upgrading to the Google Pixel 6 which Fido was offering for $25/mth for 24mth(cyber monday deal, reg price for the phone is $33.29/24mth). These changes would have set me up with a plan for  $65(pre tax)/mth for a Google Pixel 6 w/ 12GB data, unlimited calling, and unlimited texting. Upon this fella reading back to me the changes that were made to the account the call was dropped. Unfortunately when this happened the phone upgrade never got processed. 

   I called back today(30/11/21) and again waited on hold for 2 hr, call was answered and I explained myself and asked to be transferred to a department that could help. I was told Loyalty and Retention can help so they transferred me there. When that fella answered I was told that this is Rogers LandR dept and that he would transfer me to the Fido dept. Once the new fella answered(basic fido rep) I was told he could not help and transferred me back to the Rogers LandR dept(probably thinking it was the Fido dept). 

   I then explained everything to this fella(100% hands down the best rep i've ever talked to, guy deserves a raise!!) which then proceeded to make a claim # (#I1746109968), he gave me some advice and options as to what i could do. In the end he said if i was up for the hold time that he would transfer me to the correct dept. Unfortunately Fido LandR dept had closed for the day which leaves me typing this message. 

  Been a Fido customer for 10 years now and have had nothing but amazing service in the past when needing to make changes to the account. This past experience has left me baffled to say the least. If a Fido rep sees this please reach out to me and help make this right. 

   As of now ill be back in the Fido call wait line tomorrow for another battle. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @JasonBallantyne,


Welcome to the Community Smiley


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble reaching out to us. We're quite busy during this time of the year, though we can assure you that we're still available to assist and doing our best to service all our customers.


We also provide different channels to contact us, listed here. However, if you prefer speaking to someone live on the phone, the call center would be your go to channel.


Hope this helps!