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Pretty bad Fido roam option for USA

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It doesn't make sense to pay $12 /day for using phone in USA. Travelling is frequent to USA for people than travelling to other countries. Fido need to come with better option in terms of pricing for using phones in USA.


Hi @adi5125 , I understand what you're saying. Quick trips could add up fast on your phone bill. When roaming outside of Canada, every cellular provider involved in routing your calls or text need to be paid, along with local taxes and tariffs. If you only use your device occasionally and don't want a full day of roaming,you can have roaming disabled and do the pay per use option or pick up a local prepaid Sim card for your day trips. Or, just wait until you are using wifi and respond to messages when on wifi. Wifi calling and messaging also has a fee by the way. I believe you can receive calls and sms without charge. However if the text comes in as mms, you will have a charge. So, you can pick your way to stay in touch with whichever fee structure works for you. You can also make free calls and messaging with Facebook messenger or what's app over wifi. Hope that gives you a few things to consider