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Pre Authorised checking

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi my name is sane benurwar, this my first month having a fido mobile and also happens to be my first month in Canada. As my PR card was on the way the only option fido gave me to fulfil my primary and secondary identification was having a pre authorised set up. At this point I am expecting an email informing me about the day my pre authorisation is going to take place but alas I wasn't provided with a heads up email as has been done by all the times I have had pre authorised payments done. Due to this I hadn't transferred the money from my savings to my chequing account there by causing a negative direct debit and an NSF charge from RBC of $45. Understanding that it was my fault I let go of the NSF charge and considered the fido bill to be paid as the a $0 pending bill balance was reflected on my fido app. But to my shock and utter surprise as I checked my bank account again from overseas another direct debit  transaction was made into my account after a week of the previous and the balance went in negative again adding another $45 as NSF fee by RBC. Considering I have paid the bill twice now (also I am still not sure if I have cause I happened to believe last time too)  I have lost $90 as NSF in this whole process of misinformation as well as miscommunication as the bill after the last direct debit also showed $0 pending on my fido app and still shows paid. The billing history shows two transactions of the same amount there by confusing me if I have after all paid the bill or not. Please provide me with a solution and return my amount back. I am very disappointed by the lack of communication of the company and will be waiting on your reply.

Saana Benurwar.



Hey @saana,


Welcome to our Community! 


I'm sad to see you've had some trouble with your pre-authorized payments. We always want to be transparent with our customers and provide them with all the necessary information regarding their account.


I just wanted to clarify that your invoice shows the amount and the approximate withdrawal date for the pre-authorized payment every month. Your first automatic payment is taken 14 days after the next cycle close date and future payments are also processed 14 days after each bill cycle close date.


On our side, if the first payment tentative is declined, we will try to withdraw the payment one more time, 7 days after the initial attempt. If the payment is declined on the last attempt, you may be charged $25 for insufficient funds, depending on where you reside The $45 fee you are referring to is a fee charged by your bank directly due to the insufficient funds.


Also, if there were 2 tentatives to take the payments followed by 2 charges of $45 from your bank, it would indicate that none of the payments went through and your Fido invoice hasn't been paid yet. Can you take a peek at your online account directly, under Overview - Account Balance to see what the balance is at the moment? The balance shown would be your current balance.


You can also learn more about pre-authorized payements here.


Hope this helps clarify things a bit. If you need us to take a closer look at your account, you can reach out to us through one of these channels.