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Plan Pricing Discrepancy - New vs. Existing Customer

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Hello team, could a Fido representative please confirm why I am seeing different monthly plans options when upgrading to a new device as a New Customer vs. logging into My Account as an Existing Customer. For some context, I am currently on a 5GB $55 monthly Medium-tier plan.


When I login to My Account and upgrade to the iPhone XS 64GB, I am presented with only 3 plan options: $45 1GB, $65 7GB, and $75 10GB (see Pic 1 below). If I then logout of My Account and go to as a new customer and perform the same upgrade, I am offered additional monthly plans notably a $50 2GB, $55 4GB, and $60 5GB option (see Pic 2 below). I find this rather strange and it would appear Fido is attempting to upsell me out of my existing $55 plan to the $65 7GB or higher. In addition, if I go to "Change Plan" in My Account, I am also unable to change to the $50 2GB, $55 4GB, or $60 5GB options (see Pic 3 below). This is extremely unfair as a 10 year Fido customer, the general public has access to more monthly plan options than existing clients. If this is a technical glitch, kindly attend to the matter and fix My Account via As it stands in its current state, I am unable to upgrade to a new device online and forced to pick either between the $45 1GB or pay more with the $65 7 GB option. Please see the following screenshots to confirm my findings...


(1) New device upgrade on My Account (Existing Customer)

Fido iPhone XS - Pricing My Account.png


(2) New device upgrade on (New Customer)

Fido iPhone XS - Pricing New Customer.png


(3) 'Change Plan' on My Account (Existing Customer)

Fido - BYOD Plans.png



Hello @nick67


Thank you for providing the screenshots. There sometimes can be certain promotions that can be targeted for new activations and some that are targeted for other customers. The offers can vary often from person to person.


Please reach out to us on these channels and we'll be happy to take a look like with you.

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Thank you @FidoAnthonyZ, I can appreciate your reply, but it is simply not right that the general public would have access to better plan offerings than long standing, loyal clients. I will continue to monitor plan offerings, including competitors, and consider my options when my contract is up later this year. I will reach out again if I have further questions. Thank you.

Sounds good!