Securing account changes

Securing account changes

Securing account changes

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Securing account changes



I'm currently reviewing security measures on a few of my accounts (2FA, alternate emails, etc.), and was wondering, as I've been with Fido for a while so there might be something I forgot since first creating my account, what measures exactly, either already in place or optionally offered, are available for securing any possible change to our account, like registering a new SIM?




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Hey @jonathanrb! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Always a good idea to review your security measures! The link you provided does have a great deal of information. I would add that having a solid password and using security questions that cannot be easily guessed and that only you would know about help.


There are several measures we have in place to prevent SIM swapping that make it harder to do without authorization.


Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, we'll be happy to help!