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Phone inactivated, likely fraud

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi, my wife's Fido account got deactivated around 2pm on Feb 11. We went to a Fido store for help and they attempted to call the Fido fraud management. We only got voicemail so she called the general Fido contact.


The agent told us someone ported the number without my wife's knowledge and the account got deactivated. He activated a new sim with the same number and said to call if the sim was not activated within the hour.


It's been 3 hours and the problem persists. What number should we call?



Hey @sth128,


I'm really sorry to read about your wife's situation and we definitely understand how unpleasant it is. 


I just wanted to clarify that as of November 12, 2019, an SMS is sent to customers' phone numbers to notify them that we have received the port-out request, therefore you should have received the SMS on your wife's phone since it would've been sent before the port-out was actually completed. Customers who did not authorize a port-out request are directed by the SMS to call the Validation Team.


With this being said, I'll send you a PM on the Community to take a closer look at the account. For account specific questions, you can always contact us here.


Keep an eye on your inbox, talk soon. 

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi @sth128 

Welcome to the community!


I'm so sorry you will have to talk with the validation team at Fido. If you haven't yet report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by telephone at 1-888-495-8501 or through their Fraud Reporting Centre.


From information via @Cawtau in the forum you would have received an SMS from Fido before wrong porting "

The SMS to which the solution above refers would be sent to the original SIM prior to the port-out. That would allow the owner to contact the verification team to prevent any port-out.


  If a number has already been ported-out then the original SIM would be deactivated. Any SMS would be received by the new SIM with that phone number."


For your Information CRTC has launched a Crack-down about this issue in Canada see here 


As a victim of identity thief you must assume that your account email passwords have been compromised and take immediate action notifying all creditors. I suggest to Add an alert to verification your identification with both credit bureaus.


Also verify with your insurance company for compensation and help through this ordeal.


Please let us know how it goes and if you require any additional support.