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Paid too much!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I needed help today, my app was on my phone and it paid the whole amount of $491.0 and I can't afford to pay for that much of my bill. Cause I live in Fort Frances Ontario and had to come get my daughter out of the hospital today in Winnipeg now I have no funds to get home. So I tried calling my bank and they told me you guys can reverse the payment



Hey @Darpamela


Welcome on the Community!


I hope you were able to get home safe with your daughter. Smiley


As for your question, was $491.00 the full due amount on your account? 


To clarify, we can certainly refund an over-payment if it was made by mistake. We issue a refund cheque that normally takes a couple of weeks to be processed and sent to the address we have on the file. However, if it was the due amount, it would not be possible to do that. 


Let us know what's the case. 


I would also like to add that your bank is able to reverse an over-payment if it was made in the last 90 days as well.