Order Confirmation Email when it was not ordered by me

Order Confirmation Email when it was not ordered by me

Order Confirmation Email when it was not ordered by me

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Order Confirmation Email when it was not ordered by me



This morning, I received an order confirmation email saying that I will receive my order within five business days but I did not make an order. (Yes, contents and the sender appeared to be legit)

Has anyone experienced such issue lately?

I am trying to get hold of a live chat agent but no response in past 50 minutes...

I guess I will try calling in.


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I finally got an email with waybill after the live chat session + posting a message + leaving a voice message to the fraud management team.

I attached the waybill carefully to the package and dropped off at the nearest Pulorator center located 20 minutes drive from my home.

Today, I received Fido bill email notification with extra charge so I logged into my account and found that I am charged for this fraud.

I called the agent at the fraud management team and left a voice message asking to correct the billing issue.

I really hope that this is the last action I need to take...

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By the way, I dropped the package on November 11 but yesterday, November 19, I got a call from the agent at the fraud management team asking if I got the email with waybill...

I checked on the Pulorator tracking system, it showed that the package was delivered on November 12:

Thu. Nov. 12, 2020 - 11:23 a.m. BURLINGTON, ON Shipment delivered to CTDI at: SHIP DOCK of ROGERS C/O CTDI,CTDI 1595 NORTH SERVICE RD , L6H7T1

I asked a call back from the agent once she confirms it.

Why I felt that if I don't post this I will not get the call back?

Hey @next


If you asked for a callback, you'll receive it!

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Guess what? after five days, I did not receive a callback from her.

I will make another live chat session...

I feel exhausted for checking and requesting actions by actions two to three times just to arrive to the next step!


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I waited 20 minutes for live chat session...

I will attempt again tomorrow.

I left another VM while waiting.

Sorry to hear this is taking longer than expected to resolve. 


If you would like us to re-submit a case to have this looked into, feel free to contact us over these methods 

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The Fraud Management team said that I will receive an email with a waybill to send the device back within a day.

More than two business days have passed since but I have not received any email.

Since the agent at the fraud management team did not provide a call back number, I contacted Fido with live chat again.

Live chat agent told me that the case is closed but the fraud management agent left her extention number on the comment.

I will contact her right now...

She was not available so I left her VM asking to email me.

Hello @next,


They should get back to you as soon as they can. You can always try calling the number again. 



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I finally got a call from the Fraud Management team.

The agent said she will cancel the activated line and remove the device from my account once Fido receive back the device from me.

I asked if I need to open the box and check if the device is inside.

The agent told me not to open the box, simply send it back as is.

I asked why or how this happened.

She told me to contact police if I want to know.

I already spent enough time on this so I will stop once everything is back as before. hmm...

Thank you for letting us know, @next.


Unfortunately, fraudulent activities can happen despite our best efforts. That said, our fraud department will make sure to fix everything on your account for you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!



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I received a voice message on Oct 31 from Rogers (why not from Fido?) saying that as soon as an update is available, the Technical team (why not Fraud Management team?) will contact me.


Today, Nov 4, six days after reporting the case, I decided to contact Fido again.

The live chat rep said "Sorry, your case was sent to the wrong team... here is the new ticket number... you need to wait another 48 hrs..."


Hey @next


I'm sorry to read that your request was sent to the wrong team. Did someone from the fraud team contact you already?



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No, I will wait full 48 hrs before contacting again.


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Today, I received the package.

I already asked what to do when I receive the package during the last live chat session.

Therefore, I will wait for the fraud team to contact me as instructed during the chat.

Hey @next! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thanks for sharing! It's certainly quite scary to have this happen without your approval.


Rest assured that our fraud department will contact you and take care of this directly. They will take all measures available to fix this for you and secure your account.

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I'm on the phone with a customer support specialist.

He said that it is highly likely that someone typed in wrong account number while making an order... or a fraud.

He refered the case to fraud management team.

He said they will respond within 48 to 72 hours.

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10 hours after reporting the case, Fido sent me an email saying that they have shipped the device.

Now, when I log into my account, I see a stranger name, Igor Firman, listed on my account with $1600 device balance and $40/mo plan.

I initiated a live chat and reported the above.

Why Fido sent the device out anyway when I reported and they created a fraud case about this activation 10 hours ago?