Once again Fido's website proves to be completely useless!

Once again Fido's website proves to be completely useless!

Once again Fido's website proves to be completely useless!

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Once again Fido's website proves to be completely useless!

I was signed in to My Account on two tabs in Chrome on my laptop. I find this much easier than the My Account app on my phone when I want to look at the different phones which Fido offers and also compare the specifications on GSMArena. While reading the reviews, I was logged out of both Fido tabs for inactivity.


I go back to Shop - Phones, and the Fido site says:

Log in to see special personalized pricing and offers.


So I log in on one tab but not the other. And guess what? The pricing is EXACTLY THE SAME for Fido customers and non-customers.


Now I want to see if what the Community had to say about the "special personalized pricing" being the same as if you are not a fido customer and opened a new tab to the Community page. The Community page wants me to log in again before I can post even though I am logged in on another tab. So I log in and it takes me to the Fido page but I'm not logged in. So I log in again and same results - it says I'm not logged in. Yet when I return to the tab where I had logged in - I'm still logged in. 🤔  So I try logging in from the Community page again - still not logged in. I try a couple more times and now Fido has locked my account for 30 minutes for too many log in attempts.⚠️



💤 💤 💤 So 30 minutes later and I'm still logged in to My Account on one tab and tried twice more in the Community tab with same lack of log in.



Waited another 15 minutes and this time when I logged into the Community tab - it worked. Of course I was logged in the whole time on the My Account tab but that wouldn't let me post on the Community.  Solved but REALLY????? It should not be that flipping hard to post to this board.


Alas, I keep forgetting that we're talking about Fido and they are so dedicated to making things harder and harder with every passing year (12 years I've been with them so far).


So back to the original reason for posting - how bout that "special personalized pricing"?

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Now I'm still signed in on the Community tab and it's signed me out of the My Account tab and everytime I try to log in it tells me I'm not logged in and I can't access My Account.


And of course being the middle of the night, I can't actually contact anyone to try and fix this.  Just !##%^@#$ great!



Hey @Lross


We're sorry to see you've had difficulties with accessing My Account online. In these cases, one of the first things to try would be to clear the cache and cookies of your browser and then relaunch the site to try and sign-in again. If this still doesn't work, we'd suggest trying to log in through a different browser to see if it works there. This can help us isolate the issue during our troubleshooting. It's important to note that we also occasionally have overnight maintenances on the site which may impact some parts of its performance. 


We're always looking to get the best possible offers for our customers. The prices of the phones actually remain the same, we sometimes offer a bill credit during the upgrade. If your line is eligible for a special offer for your upgrade, a new line activation or even a special plan on your existing number, we would have these displayed for you through My Account.


These offers can change from time to time. If you don't see an offer there now, we suggest periodically logging in, so you don't miss out on any upcoming deals!

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I am currently online with live chat because I can't sign in on my laptop to try and reply to your post.  Sort of ironic, I'd say. 


And what I was trying to say from my laptop that won't signin was:


Actually according to the live chat agent I was talking to the other day, all offers are only good on the day they are made.  They will not be honored any other time.

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Apparently live chat says the problem is my browser that I have been using for 10+ years and that worked just fine up until 2 days ago. 


And the email I received on Friday telling me


Please call to hear about an exclusive offer.


is a different department and live chat can't see those offers.  I don't have any offers available right now but I have to sign into My Account every day in the hopes thats a random computer generated offer magically appears.


So I phoned the number in the email and after 10 minutes on hold I received a recording saying to leave my name and number and they will call me back.  Way to go wasting more of my time. 




And yes I just shouted that in the hopes that Fido will get the message that they need to learn what customer service actually means. 

Hey @Lross


We would need to verify the details of that offer with you to have a better understanding of the situation.


You can find all the ways to reach our customer service here.

We can also send you a PM here on the Community if it's bdst for you.


Talk to you soon. 



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You said:

We would need to verify the details of that offer with you to have a better understanding of the situation.


But when I was on live chat, I was told that only that department could see the offer and I would have to phone that number.  I have now been waiting a week for that mystery department to call me back to no avail.


I'm assuming they don't want to make me an offer after all.


Thanks for nothing Fido.

Hey @Lross!


Thanks for the update. I see that you've posted a few times about this and we'll take a closer look at your account to see exactly what is going on Smiley


I'm sending you a PM so we can chat further, see you there!