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No time for ROGERS learning curve

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It seems like the old tactics are still around. Back in the day, when things were less automated, they would overcharge your credit card, and then expect you to be a customer until YOUR usage used up their mistake. Well now I find myself with a similar situation, but not before being hit with a late payment notation on my credit bureau.

All the while, being considered and solicited with a pre-approval for a credit card, and when you log in, the offer has expired!!!

But I am approved for another 45 days!!!




Hey @BarKing !


That doesn't sound like the experience we aim to provide.


When it comes to your Fido account, we encourage you to please reach out to customer service when you have a moment. They can access your account securely and look into this with you!

As for the credit card pre-approval, you can speak with Rogers bank who'll be glad to assist you with that. Smiley