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Does Fido Roam with a Talk & Text plan include Data?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My son's plan is only "Talk & Text" (no data), and it includes Fido Roam.  This page lists only one price per day for Fido Roam ($12), and says it includes Minutes, Text, and Data.  Does this mean my son will have data in the US?  Or is the price for only talk and text less than $12?


Hi there @jaegen , that's a great question. I think you only roam with what your existing plan is. If he doesn't have data, then he won't have data without adding on a data pack if that's available. You should give fido customer support a call from your device(*611) to confirm this or send off a direct message to fidosolutions on Twitter to get the official answer. Safe travels