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Monthly increase in my service

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

So I received my bill for service which has been 55.00 for the last 5 years or so.  Its what was offered to me and I've never changed it as I don't need to.  

I've never received notification that my monthly cost was going up, but I received my bill from Fido for this billing cycle, and there is an increase in my monthly charge!  No nothing!!!  I've not used or gone over my usage etc either!  But, there is now an increase of 3.00 dollars more!  I've gone from 55.00 per month to 58.00 per month!  WTF????  I don't ever go over what usage I've have and suddenly my bill has gone up by about 8%????  With no warning???  

Nevermind service is here on Bowen Island BC is spotty at best, but now my monthly charges have gone up without letting me know???  

Anyone else have this problem, complaint???   I am seriously thinking of switching providers now.



Hello @feDDUP,


Prices are subject to change but if you are in an agreement you will be protected from any price increases until the agreement is over.


When it comes to any price changes or if any promotion is coming to an end Fido always notifies us (the customer) of any upcoming changes on our invoices at least 3 months before, if you look at your last 3-4 invoices before you saw the price increase you should see the notice and the reason for it.