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No low plans offered to existing customers

I'm Back
I'm Back

Why can’t Fido offer low cost plans for existing customers however a new customer can get a low cost plan.

i have been a customer with Fido for many many years and now they are not willing to offer me any plan lower than $60 a month without data?

yet on the website plans as low as $45 / $50 are offered with data?



Hello @lilsue,


welcome to the community!


If you login to the MY ACCOUNT section on or on the Fido mobile app and then go to change plan you should see a list of all the current in market plan and even plans that are targeted just for you. If you see a plan that fits your needs then you can switch to the new plan.


Keep in mind if you are currently on contract you might have to pay off your current tab depending on the new plan you are switching to.