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No Customer retention policies or attempts?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

 My current, 2+ year old plan is $65/month and comes with 1GB (plus 3GB bonus) with 500 minutes calling time.  Included was the LG G6 I bought just over 2 years ago..  

I foolishly realized the other day that my monthly rate hasnt changed even though my phone was paid off 3 months ago.  


Anyways, I see there is currently a $50/month 9GB with unlimited calls being offered by a few carriers.

I call Fido (50 minutes on hold and another 20 in call) to see if I upgrade my phone, what kind of deal I can get.

Customer Service tells me they will give me the same $50plan the other carriers will give me and the same $20/month phone payment.

I ask if there is any kind of retention deal.  She puts me on hold then says I can have 20GB for $65/month plus $20 for the phone.  I am guessing she can see on my account that I have never exceeded 4gb per month and chose to ignore it or didn't care to check.  So instead of giving me a bit of an incentive on the $50+phone plan, she is offering me a $65+phone plan???

Other carriers will discount the plan once your phone is paid off....
Fido Rep tells me: We told you the date your plan would end.  We don't just automatically change your plan."

Fair enough.  Back to my old cell provider I go.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've had nearly the exact same issue.  When changing my plan to a $45 plan a phone upgrade offer was made and now fido will not follow through with the upgrade.  I'm following to see how your quest for attention goes with the company.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @DJ23


Were you able to get your phone upgrade? If  you need help to continue reviewing this with you and finalizing this order, you can also reach out to our customer support through one of the available options found here

Otherwise, we can also send you a PM right from here, let us know! 

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Cdnmr,


@cdnmr wrote:..Other carriers will discount the plan once your phone is paid off.....

  That statement isn't necessarily true. It all depends on the type of device offering. Your old is a subsidised plan. Many mobile providers used a subsidised model for their contract devices. This model is different from a tab or financed model or the more recently available leasing model.


  With the subsidised model, the subsidy is incorporated into the plan (ie small, large, etc). Since the subsidy is incorporated into the plan, your plan does not automatically switch to a BYOP plan at the end of a contract (see here). It remains your previous plan, should you wish to subsidise another device. It is not possible to merely remove the device cost from those plans. If you did not wish to subsidise another phone, you would have to switch to a BYOP plan which is in-market at the time you decide to switch.


  That said, you should note that Fido has now switched from their subidised plans to a financed payment program for new devices. That is, the cost of devices is now separate from the cost of services. Once the payments have competed with the new program, your only remaining monthly costs would be for services.


  With regards to the plans you were offered, the customer service representatives can only offer customers options provided by the system. That plan is already a promotional offer. If there are no discounts or incentives provided for that plan by the system, customer service can't offer any to the customer.


Hope this helps 😀