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New total monthly Fees

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I would like to know about recent plan I changed, I was told yesterday in chat, that (new total monthly fees) is the total fee per month I have to pay, I got email saying I need to pay both monthly plan and Fido payment program.?? I’m confuse. And numbers are also different from what the deal originally was. I took screenshot I would like to show you.

Please see attachment 
Thank you 
Rajesh suratiB47E3F94-1E55-4289-9DC0-53693E4876C5.png




Hello @MANNASS , from what is showing in your screenshots, the total monthly payment for the plan will be $51.42 which has your handset discount of $9.50 aplied to it, plus the device payment of $37.42. The discount is applied to the plan so that if you decide to change devices or cancel the contract, the full cost remaining on your device will be payable. So the full billable amount you can expect to see is $88.84 per month. I hope that helps you