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Network keeps failing

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

What's going on with the network? I have a new phone for almost 2 months now and every time I have to use my phone I have to wait until the signal comes back (Internet, text, calls). How is this even possible? I'm in Toronto doing the same things I did before. I had better service with my old phone, and I had a better and cheaper plan. Now I'm paying more for less data and a significant decrease in service 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @luiney!


What you're describing shouldn't be happening and we can definitely help you get to the bottom of things!


In order to resolve this, we'd first have to determine if it's the SIM card that's at fault or if it's the phone itself/


The best way to do this is to replace the SIM, or test it in a different phone. If the same thing happens in a different phone, or if the problem is fixed by replacing the SIM card then it was the SIM that was defective.


If that does not resolve things, then it's the phone that is at fault. As you just got it it's under warranty and you just have to pass by a Fido store that handles repairs so they can send it in to get looked at and fixed! To find the nearest store that handles repairs you can visit this link and select "fix my phone" in the mobile category. You can also pass by the nearest store in order to test your SIM In a different device or to get a new SIM card Smiley


I hope that information helps you find a resolution!