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My phone not delivered

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido Team,

I've booked an order to upgrade my Fido device to Apple 12 pro max. I made this transaction with Jillian over the phone on 17th Nov, 2020. She did advice me that it is back ordered and will take 2-3 weeks, so did I receive the reservation of backordered device. I called Customer service rep again yesterday @611 and made some changes to my account and confirm with him about my device AGAIN. He informed me the same thing that the device may take 2-4 weeks, and I was OK to wait. But I received my tracking number yesterday saying I will receive it today. I was out for black friday shopping with friends, and I got an email that my phone is delivered. But my clear instructions to Jillian is to please put in notes that the phone should only be delivered to me by checking an identification. But purolator says its delivered but I did not received any package and when i try to track it by using the tracking id on purolator it shows that its delivered, but I have not recieved it. I have been calling to Fido(+1888-481-3436) and Purolator(+1(888)-744-7123) customer care since that time I received the email but NO one is answering. Purolator says on there live chat virtual assistant that its delivered. I am not sure who should I go to and inform. Atleast either return the device back to fido so I can go to nearest store to collect it or deliver it as I would not like to wait for 2-4 weeks again or come up with a solution as soon as possible. And if the purolator delivered to the address then who was there to recieve it i told them many times to call me up when you'll reach but they didn't what am i suppose to do now, they just delivered it without asking for a single piece of Id proof, without confirming whether he is delivering the package to the right person or not. I even subscribe notifications on Purolator website so that I will be aware of the delivery guy. When its not necessary they leave a clipboard that package returned come and collect at this address, but why not with an expensive fragile phone. Its been raining cold outside, how one can just leave package like that? Kindly sort this out as soon as possible. I can't take stress for these things now!! 



Hey @kochhar_shivam! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. That's certainly concerning!


Have you been able to contact us since your post? If not, you can contact us using all the methods here or you can request a PM from the community and we'll be happy to check that out for you.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1


I wonder how did you receive your phone in just 10 days? They say it comes in 2-3 weeks right? Coudl you please help me with your positon number when you backordered? I reserved my 12 pro max at position 113 and now in a week I am just at 106

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi Dhairya1989, 

**PLEASE READ, this will help you**
I too was waiting in line from Nov 10th when I first reserved the iPhone 12 pro max 256gb. 

I was in 8th place at first but within a couple days I was down to 4th. The waiting time went from 2-3 weeks to 3-4 weeks. Without having a clear idea of when I would acquire this phone I started doing a little research and found on Apple's website that they do carrier upgrades so I called the Apple store near me and was told by a rep I could get the phone there and they could set it up through FIDO but since Apple does not do phone reservation at this time I would have to buy the phone online with Apple and set up a personal shopping session at the same time, once I am there and the Apple Store has set up my phone through my carrier (Fido,Rogers,Telus or Bell )  I could then cancel my online order with Apple and they would refund my money. The Apple rep also had said to me that they see everything on Fido that we see on our Fido account. 
So in conclusion on December 3 Thursday,  I did just that and now I have my new iPhone 12 promax 256 GB in graphite with Fido on a Fido payment plan and have received my refund from Apple. I also cancelled my fido reservation which on Thursday I was still 4th in place if I had remained waiting I probably would've received my phone near the end of December early January.

If the Apple store is not an option for you you could always try Best Buy as well, they do upgrading there too with all the major carriers. 
I hope this helps, cheers!