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Multiline discount

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I have 3 lines fido pluse 2gb +4gb plan $70 for all 3 lines 

1. Why I dont get any benefits for 2nd and 3rd lines! I didn't  know when I made a contract that I should ask for sort of multiple line benefits if any ?

2. Rasing a query about Fidos false price marketing.Need inputs from others if I am correct on this

Fido has been showing Samsung Galaxy S10 128gb varient price as $ 1400 and givea this in plan, but infact in that price Samsung Galaxy S10 256 gb storage varient available in market, Isnt that showing wrong price or I am missing something here



Hey @ravi89,


We definitely want the best offers for our customers! However, our promotions change sometimes therefore the offers you received on your additional lines were those available at the time you activated them. 


Also, we want our customers to get the devices they want at great prices. From time to time, depending on unique arrangements with each supplier for each device, our pricing could be different from what is available directly through the manufacturer.
Keep in mind that getting the phone through us allows you to get the phone financed so you can pay a lower up-front cost. 


If you'd like to revise your options for your lines, don't hesitate to contact us here and we'll be happy to look into it with you.



I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I have connected with Fido chat representative, unfortunately I feel that option that were offered was even making me feel disappointed. The option was to lessen  $5 for which my 1GB of data will reduced and 1000 international minutes will be taken off. I mean taking off too much and giving as little as $5 which is not fair Customer service offered. I would not want something absolutely free but if Fido claims to be better service and provide a reasonable option. I am already turned off by this offer from Fido. 

Hello @ravi89,


I definitely understand how important it is to get the best deal possible and our goal is to make sure everybody get's exactly what they need.


If you wish to go over your options you can contact us over these options