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Misunderstanding of long distance charges

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am posting this here because I cannot find an email for fido support anywhere on this website. This actually is for fido management and preferraby private but I can’t find their support email anywhere and I was already on the phone for 90 minutes with fido over this and with no flexibility from fido leaving me feeling more frustrated and powerless than before I even called.


I have been with fido for 17 years and have paid over $12,000 to fido in billing over the years. My recent bill has an extra $151.80 in long distance charges so I was on the phone with fido today for an hour and a half, Sept. 30, trying to negotiate something regarding this because it was a misunderstanding regarding the rate, but the supervisor was strict and firm, with no budging or flexibility towards the fees, not even offering a $1 credit off. I am shocked, appalled and speechless as to how this could even be considered an acceptable business practice with a customer. I am a very loyal customer, I have been with fido for 17 years consecutively now, and was not ever planning on leaving, but this today was like a horribly disrespectful slap in my face. I’m shocked and actually perplexed as to why fido would want a good loyal customer like myself to leave over $150? My experience today has motivated me to consider making sure everyone in my circle of friends and family know to never consider using fido as their phone provider after this expereince. Please send this message to your manager please. I will be cancelling with fido within the week because of this experience.



Hey @Steve0 !

I'm sorry to learn that you got some unexpected charges on your bill, as I understand that's not a pleasant surprise.

If you'd like us to look into this further, please us through any method listed here.
Alternatively, we can also send you a PM directly through the Community if you prefer. Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Valerie,

Thank you so much for your very cordial reply. I thought my US calling rate was $0.01 / minute as opposed to the $0.55 minute I was charged. I was hoping for some kind of credit to help lessen the shock of the big bill. So as you probably perceived, my post was obviously written after I got off the phone with Fido for 90 minutes without a solution so I was very frustrated. Not a good time to write a message with emotions high! However, the offer of the free unlimited calling to the US for 3 months was considerate and I also appreciate the free extra 5 gigs / month I was given today. Thank you. If there is something else that Fido can do to help in regards to the US calling charges, please message me. 

How do I delete my original post?

You're welcome. Smiley
I'm really glad to hear that! 

Not to worry, your post can remain on the Community forum, but if you prefer, we can also archive it from our end.



Hello @Steve0,


Fido does not provide support by email you can find all the available methods to contact them here. Also, this is a public forum you should not post your personal information.


I understand that there was a misunderstanding with the long-distance charges, is it safe to say that misunderstanding was on your part?


You can't fault Fido and attack them for something that is not their fault they are providing a service to us and if we use it then we are responsible to pay for it. You can't call yourself a loyal customer then say you are "shocked, appalled, and speechless" because they would not credit you long-distance charges for calls you made and now want to tell everyone you know not to leave them.


We all make mistakes and should take responsibility and learn from them and move on.