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How to escalate complaint?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

14 days ago I switched my daughter over to a FIDO plan after speaking to a GREAT csr.  It went downhill from that point.  The sim card was to be sent to her (studying in another province).  It was sent to me instead.  Upon receipt of the card I spoke to an employee who said he would resend to her and that I would get tracking info.  Nothing after a week.  Phoned again and (got her employee ID) she said the shipping label had been created several days before but could not explain why nothing further had been done in spite of the promise the sim card would arrive in 2 days. Honestly I started to become skeptical she would ever receive a card at this point.  I waited another few days and called again today.  Again got the employee's number and this individual, again, could not explain why the card had not been sent and seemed to think merely beginning the entire process again would be a great solution.  I'm sending her into a store (not happily) to try to resolve when her on-line classes are over today. I  could  not make an appointment (one appointement available today in spite of speaking to someone at the store who said they were not busy) which I wanted to do to minimize her time in public (she has to be a little more careful than most about the virus).  I would really like someone at FIDO to take ownership of the failure to deliver services as promised.  She has been without a phone for 2 weeks while I pay as usual.  More consistent customer service woudl be great too and I would like to report the two employees who failed to do anything to resolve the problem, seemingly without any idea this might be appropriate.  A search of how to do this through FIDO send me in circles.  This is where I hope to get some help before I head over to the CRTC website.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Just giving a weekly update on this continuing saga, following up on my message above.


I phoned the FIDO store near my daughter's residence.  They promised it would not be a problem if she came in to get a SIM card.  She went in and they told her she had to wait 30 DAYS for the sim.  I told her this was nonsense since the card still shows as not having shipped...and no one I've spoke to thus far can explain why this is so and all agree the quick fix is to go in to a store,.  I suggested she go in again.  The same employee (FIDO near Algonquin college in Ottawa), remembers her and said she still had to wait 30 days.  Will some one at FIDO own this problem and fix it???  I'd also like to add this third employee to my request for some proper training in customer service.


By the way substantive exchange yet. 


Hi @Colm15


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I am sorry to learn of your experience. we can assure oyu that this is not the kind of service we wish to offer.


To better assist you, we'd like to confirm a few details:

  1. Did the agents confirm the delivery address with you before sending the SIM card?
  2. Did you receive an email notification wih the tracking number to your shipment?

You can always track your shipment on the courrier's website and you can use the following link to track it on their website or contact them for more info.


If the delivery address is incorrect, we apologize for the confusion and you can immediately reach out to us using these methods so we can redirect the shipment.


Let us know!