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Misled on a promotion by Fido sales

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I was offered a deal to switch over from chatr to fido and I signed up thinking it was not a short term offer. I confirmed with a chat agent that this a 'forever' deal (i have the transcript) and the salesperson who called me before I went ahead with the offer. I'm now being told this is not a permanent offer and that fido doesn't offer permanent deals (also in transcript). So what do I do? happy to go into details about what was offered



Hey @paul60


Is it an offer that came with a device? If you're financing a new phone, it would be a on 2-year deal with the Fido Payment payment program. 


After 24 months, your device is paid off in full. At month 25 you will no longer have a monthly Fido Payment Program charge and you only have to pay for your regular monthly phone plan, plus any other services you have.


While this is definitely something we want to avoid, the prices can be subject to change unless you have an agreement.